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Any ideas how to increase calcium intake?

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Ploom Wed 30-Jan-13 13:19:19

I've been doing My Fitness Pal since the beginning of January & have noticed how low my calcium intake is. At the most its been 40% which I was really quite shocked by. I've started having cereal with milk in the morning (although too much milk tends to give me diarrheoa hmm) and eating plain yoghurt. This still doesnt seem to be enough - any ideas how to increase it? Is it dangerous to be deficient in it every day? (i'm in my late 30's).

vertex Wed 30-Jan-13 13:45:16

Please go to your GP and request a calcium test.

This will determine definitively what your actual calcium levels are.

If you are deficient then calcium tablets can be prescribed.

Do not try and sort this out yourself as calcium levels are essential to good health: too low or too high neither is a desirable position to be in

MarianForrester Wed 30-Jan-13 14:05:14

Lots of useful information.

OneWaySystemBlues Wed 30-Jan-13 14:15:24

I'm doing the same, I'm using Myfitnesspal to look at my diet in general because I want to put on weight. What I would say is that not all the foods on their database have the calcium quantified, even though they may clearly have calcium in. I'm tracking iron too, but not all the foods on there have the iron content tracked, even though they contain iron - so it may not be the most accurate way of tracking your calcium levels, even though it is good calories/protein/fat/carbs. Not sure how you do go about it, but looking at the guidelines MarianForrester posted is probably a good start. That and getting a blood test fro the doc - I'm thinking of doing the same as I don't eat much dairy as it gives me a stomach ache - but I've just started using Oatly fortified oat milk, which contains calcium and doesn't give me a belly ache.

Ploom Wed 30-Jan-13 15:33:29

Thanks for the replies & thanks for those guidelines - they are really thorough & evidence based.

I agree about whether all the calcium I eat is registered on MFP but it definitely wouldnt bring it up to 100%. The only days its got up to 40% was when I had chocolate which kind of defeats the purpose of trying to lose weight. Think its tricky to try to lose weight & keep up the levels of calcium.

Thanks for the recommendation to have it checked by the GP. I live in Germany & am due an over 35 check this year and I'm sure the GP would be very happy to check it (the more tests the better as far as German doctors go!!wink).

Meanwhile I'll carry on with the cereal with milk & the yoghurt.

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