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TVT - anyone got any experience

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JojoMags Tue 29-Jan-13 09:30:36

Hi. I have suffered badly with stress incontinence since the birth of my first child. I can't exercise as I would like to and I plan what I wear and do arounf the problem.

The consultant has recommended a TVT and I am due to have the op next week. I am really nervous about it. I have a list of potential complications in front of me and have heard numerous horror stories in the media. I have 2 young children and am generally very active and healthy. I just want to return to a normal, busy life without having to worry about stress incontinence.

Does anyone have any positive experiences of a TVT? Would really help to hear some!

digerd Tue 29-Jan-13 20:55:09

I don't know what the op was called they offered to me, but with a 50% chance of helping I decided against it . Took Oxybutinin pills instead and have recently come off them, and so far so good.
But mine was being of a certain age with prolapses of the womb and bladder.

snailsontour Fri 01-Feb-13 11:30:57

I had this op done maybe 8 years ago now, and would recommend it whole heartedly. Not much else I can say really, the end result was so worthwhile!

JojoMags Fri 01-Feb-13 20:11:05

Thanks Snailsontour. I'm glad it went so well for you.

gingeroots Fri 01-Feb-13 21:30:28

Another here who has had this - about 10 years ago .

Was and is fine .

If I remember I had it done a few months after a hysterctomy ( they wouldn't do both at once ) and I couldn't wee for first 24 hours .

Was day surgery so I was sent home with catheter and bag and returned next day to see of I could wee - which I could .
Just a little local inflamation that had to subside .

snailsontour Fri 01-Feb-13 22:06:51

Just to add, mine was an over night stay. I don't remember having a catheter, but I do remember having to measure input and output! My momen of glory was peeing a full litre - thought I was going to overflow the jugsmile

hoppy35 Fri 01-Feb-13 22:24:23

I also think I suffer from stress incontinence which has really put my life on hold and am going through the motions to hopefully get tvt done I've been for a scan which is showing my bladder as "normal" can I ask if anyone that had the tvt operation did you have the same happen ?
Sorry to hijack

gingeroots Sat 02-Feb-13 10:00:00

hoppy and OP - this
is the best thread for advice ( nothing is TMI and there is advice re everything ) .

Hello, yes please do come and join us on the prolapse thread Ginger has linked to, there are people there who have had all sorts of gynae surgery and everyone is very helpful.

GinghamChic Sat 02-Feb-13 11:51:37

I had it done and it its the best thing ever. go for it!

snailsontour Sat 02-Feb-13 20:57:22

Hi Hoppy - I don't recall having a scan, but I do remember having electrodes of somesort inserted presumably in my bladder and back passage, then having to drink a jug of water and made to jump up and down over a plastic sheet - crude but effectivesmile.

hoppy35 Sat 02-Feb-13 21:00:40

I look forward to the embarrassment of loosing the water in seconds

PacificDogwood Sat 02-Feb-13 21:04:23

Well, my mum (71) just had it done after years and years of misery, having to organise her entire life around access to toilets and pads in every pocket - and she is sooooo delighted and wishes she'd had it done many years ago.
She had not problems post-operatively. She said she was awake while it was being done which I find quite disconcerting although she says it was fine. She was kept in hospital overnight.

I am seriously considering asking for a referral to explore my options blush...

hoppy35 Sat 02-Feb-13 21:12:24

Snailsontour or anyone can I ask how bad it got before you had your op I dread walking yes walking the five minutes to do school pick up for fear of wetting myself

digerd Sun 03-Feb-13 11:21:49

You had me roaring with laughter at what you had to do - ie. the drinking of lots of water and jumping up and down on a plastic sheet. I didn't have to do that, but then I can't jump anymore.
I took Oxybutinin tablets prescribed by the GP as I refused the op due to 50/50 odds of it helping. The pills worked for me from taking the 1st one.

digerd Sun 03-Feb-13 11:24:08

Just seen my previous message I sent on 29th. So duplicated OP

snailsontour Sun 03-Feb-13 12:12:35

Hoppy, mine was getting progressively worse - and was affected by my monthly cycle plus alcohol made it worse. Some days I was fine, no problem at all - but on others, walking anywhere was a problem... very upsettig and difficult when your hobby is hill walkingsad
The prefered method was/is to do it under spinal anaesthesia, but I had mine done under a general anaesthetic as I didn't handle the attempt at the spinal very well, so they decided to give me a general. I'm a wimp!
Yep, I would defo recommend it - but am off to google digerd's Oxybutonin as I've not heard of it!

digerd Sun 03-Feb-13 12:29:58


digerd Sun 03-Feb-13 12:33:03


digerd Sun 03-Feb-13 12:43:17

Just looked at the leaflet in the box
Used to treat
Urinary incontinence, both urgency and frequency in unstable bladder conditions.
It relaxes or prevents spasm of the smooth muscle of the bladder wall and helps to control the release of Urine.

gingeroots Sun 03-Feb-13 13:26:35

hoppy - regarding how bad it got before action agreed .

I used to have to wear the largest possible Tena pads and even then I would quite often end up with soaked trousers .
( it helps of course to use the pads with tight fitting knickers so that the pad is close to your body ).

I had to try physio guided pelvic floor exercises first and then went for various tests ,think the first was just drinking water ,wearing pad ,walking about and then having pad weighed ,later ones were some sort of pressure test I think .
They fill your bladder up and then test the pressure .
Can't remember ,but the staff were lovely and it wasn't too bad .

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