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Alcoholics or Dependant Drinkers Club

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Rhubarb Mon 24-Apr-06 12:43:28

For SoftStuff, tyedye and anyone else who wants to join.

The rules are that you HAVE to sign in every night to let us know TRUTHFULLY how much you have drunk. You need to let us know your triggers too. So if you resisted for 12 hours but then cracked and had a beer - what finally snapped?

We'll be here to give you encouragement, support, advice and opinions.

pepperpots Mon 24-Apr-06 12:49:42

I will join. Have got rid of any drink that was in the house and am not going to get anymore. (although how long this will last i don't know ) Will only be the 2nd time in over a year i have been sober in the night

dinosaure Mon 24-Apr-06 13:12:38

Rhuby and others, can I join?

I'm seriously aiming to cut down. I didn't have a drink last night and am aiming to complete seven nights without a drink.

Would be great to have some people to compare notes with.

tyedye Mon 24-Apr-06 13:13:50

Message withdrawn

macwoozy Mon 24-Apr-06 13:17:30

I'd like to cut down too, I normally drink 3 times a week and not just one or two neither. I can't remember the last time when I've managed a week free of booze, must have been when i was pregnant but ds is now 6.

Rhubarb Mon 24-Apr-06 13:19:17

I'm not going to drink during the week, from Monday to Friday.

Every time I want an alcoholic drink I'm going to have a large glass of water instead.

pepperpots Mon 24-Apr-06 13:21:28

i can already feel myself panicking at the thought of having no alcohol is anyone likely to be on tonight?

Rhubarb Mon 24-Apr-06 13:25:48


Saggarmakersbottomknocker Mon 24-Apr-06 13:29:34

I've cut down loads - it can be done - just take one day at a time.

Last night I had two glasses of wine - the first in 13 days. I had a drink last night because two of my children were poorly and I felt stressed. I didn't have any wine in the house but dh offered to get me a bottle on the way home. This is a real issue for me, I have difficulty refusing when it's offered.

I'm going to try and avoid drinking the rest of the bottle until later in the week.

sandyballs Mon 24-Apr-06 13:49:56

I'll join this. I'm a bit obsessed with wine and need to cut down. I'm going to give it up Mon-Thurs and just have a couple of glasses at the weekends. Hopefully .

themoon66 Mon 24-Apr-06 13:53:07

I would really love to cut down on alcohol. Seriously. Was on holiday over Easter and it has crept up to a bottle of wine a night now. Oddly enough I never seem to get a hangover.

My problem is... what is there to drink otherwise?? Coke, lemonade etc - too sweet and sickly. Water - boring. Orange juice - sweet and horrible. Alcohol free lager - nasty taste.

batters Mon 24-Apr-06 14:11:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Saggarmakersbottomknocker Mon 24-Apr-06 14:16:29

the moon - I drink cranberry juice in a wine glass in the evenings.

dinosaure Mon 24-Apr-06 14:34:04

One of the hardest things for me is that I've realised that my relationship with DH (and we go back 20 years) is imbued with alcohol through and through, so that most of our fondest memories also involve shedloads of alcohol, and we still have our best chats when we're getting slightly sloshed.

Part of me worries that if we stop that drinking together, we might discover that there's not very much else left (well, apart from the kids and the house, naturally!)...

Does anyone else feel as if alcohol is very intimately bound up ith their relationship?

sandyballs Mon 24-Apr-06 14:41:41

Blimey, I could have written that dinosaure

unicorn Mon 24-Apr-06 14:46:15

Can I join? as I need to cut back again.
I did give up for 2 months Jan and Feb.. but have gone back with a vengence.
For me it is a very bad habit - and largely due to dh who is the one who tends to buy it.
Boredom and Stress are the reasons we drink.

I found that drinking a huge glass of water everytime I had the 'urge' really helped last time.
Also got some nice soft drinks in (smoothies.. and pomegranate and blueberry juice)

dinosaure Mon 24-Apr-06 14:49:26

Unicorn, good effort to stop for a whole two months though!

Sandyballs - that's interesting. I've tried to chat to DH over a nice chilled class of cranberry juice, but it's just not the same!

sarahhal Mon 24-Apr-06 14:59:06

Think I could do with signing in here! Far too much red wine recently. I'm also trying to lose weight as usual so need to cut back!

I'm the same as you dinosaure & sandyballs in that i feel like I'm having good quality time with DH if we have a nice meal and open a bottle of wine ( TBH he could go without booze for ever it's me that buys it in!) If we have a meal with water we seem to wolf it down then go and do our seperate things and not speak for the rest of the night.

Tonight should be OK as off to tap class ( ha ha yes I really do and it's fab!!). Tomorrow I tutor a student so in a bit later then.

Not sure what goals I want to set myself here! Am out this weekend so will def have a drink on Fri but shall aim to wait until then. Here goes!!!!!!

sandyballs Mon 24-Apr-06 15:01:16

Wine certainly aids the flow of conversation doesn't it dinosaure . We've also been together 20 years.

Saggarmakersbottomknocker Mon 24-Apr-06 15:03:09

Sandyballs, dinosaure - same here 20 years

sandyballs Mon 24-Apr-06 15:08:39

How funny! Maybe it's a 20 year itch type thing . Mind you, it's been like that ever since we met.
How long have you been with your DH Sarahal?

Saggarmakersbottomknocker Mon 24-Apr-06 15:18:27

I've drunk too much since my teens on and off so I can't really blame dh, much as I try.

themoon66 Mon 24-Apr-06 15:48:16

20 year relationship for me too. And lots of happy, but pissed memories.

Sagger - have been out to Lidls and bought a box of red grape juice for tonight as I find cranberry gives me the runs. Trouble is, I opened the fridge just now to put shopping away and see I have 4 bottles of cava chilling nicely in there. Not sure how tempting the grape juice is gonna look by 9pm.

dinosaure Mon 24-Apr-06 15:55:30

you'll just have to avoid opening the fridge then, themoon!

themoon66 Mon 24-Apr-06 15:58:21

Yeah, but now I know they're in there... Hmmm. They don't call me the Cava Queen for nothing!

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