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I've just got a letter from my dentist saying they're not doing any free treatment for anyone any more

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Caligula Mon 24-Apr-06 11:36:42

This is so depressing. Not even for people on tax credits or income support. Even children. Children will get free check-ups, but not treatment if they need it. I'll have to pay for check ups and if I don't go (because there's never anything wrong with my teeth) my children will be thrown off the lists as well.

nutcracker Mon 24-Apr-06 11:37:04

Yeah we had one last week too, it stinks.

CristinaTheAstonishing Mon 24-Apr-06 11:48:28

We got a letter telling this too, about a month ago now.

GDG Mon 24-Apr-06 11:49:24

Yep, we have been private for a while but now had a letter about paying for the boys. Ho hum...

iota Mon 24-Apr-06 11:53:12

this happened to us last MAy - have now got new nhs dentist - try your local primary care trust or nhs direct info here

Caligula Mon 24-Apr-06 11:53:46

So when did dentists opt out of the NHS?

Opticians did it years ago.

Who is going to be next?

iota Mon 24-Apr-06 11:58:48

bbc article

GDG Mon 24-Apr-06 12:00:38

Caligula, it must have been a while ago - we've deffo been private for a good few yrs now and was an NHS dentist before that.

I'm not sure, but I think our money has been spent on swanky new waiting room with original artwork on the walls (made of glass!) and a big plasma screen TV etc. Pah.

Caligula Mon 24-Apr-06 12:01:42

Ooh that so annoys me, TV's in waiting rooms.

Such an intrusion when you're trying to read a book.

JoolsToo Mon 24-Apr-06 16:01:11

Oi GDG - I love the new waiting room, much more relaxed atmosphere for those not happy to be in a dentist's waiting room (not me I lurrrrrrrrrve my dentist!)

Cam Mon 24-Apr-06 16:06:57

My dentist opted out of NHS about 10 years ago but does not charge for dd, surely all children get free treatment?

longwaytogo Mon 24-Apr-06 17:19:24

yep ours too, i have put every town within a 40 mile radius into the nhs search and only come up with one that will take up to secondry age children, and that no good for us dd jsut started orthodontic treatment at local hospital and she will need some teeth out soon but cannot find a dentist. It is ludicrous. Have given details to a company called oasis who are opening a few nhs dentists in north wales but patients will be purley on names out of a hat. What on earth has the nhs come to????????

spacecadet Mon 24-Apr-06 17:22:18

longwaytogo-im moving to north wales and have the same prob, ive registered with oasis, for their new practice in mold, but doubt ill get in, in the meantime, ds needs orthodontic treatment and i need an nhs dentist to refer him, i could stay with my dentist down here but that would involve a 500 mile round trip to go to the dentist.

louismummy Mon 24-Apr-06 17:45:49

its the governments fault. they have changed the way dentists get paid. most dentists want to provide nhs for children but the pct wont let them.

Greensleeves Mon 24-Apr-06 17:53:01

I called NHS direct to ask where the nearest NHS dentist was who would take my then 2yo as I thought it was time he had a check-up. They said I would have to go to Wellington, Somerset. I live in Exeter .

longwaytogo Mon 24-Apr-06 19:48:21

spacecadet it is an absolute nightmare up here. Hospital will do internal referal for orthodontic treatment but will take longer. We were considering the same thing - registering at my mums dentist in south wales but that would be rediclous a 300 mile trip everytime we needed the dentist that would amount to about £60 - £80 in petrol, plus his first nhs appointment is in August.

Where are you moving to spacecadet i'm only 6 miles from mold, my dd goes to school there.

spacecadet Mon 24-Apr-06 20:48:35

longwaytogo, im moving to new brighton, my eldest 2 are going to the argoed.

longwaytogo Mon 24-Apr-06 21:50:41

wrexham way then.

spacecadet Tue 25-Apr-06 10:06:26

longwaytogo, no im only 2 1 mile from mold, im near ewloe and hawarden

spacecadet Tue 25-Apr-06 10:07:14

* i mile, im about 15 miles away from wrexham

anniebear Tue 25-Apr-06 10:37:48

I have just got back from the dentist and he has a flat screen above your head when you lie down and you can read about the people in the practise, charity run they had done and I am sure there was a quiz also!!!! but I had my eyes shut tight by then!!!

I thought what a brill idea to try and take your mind off what is being done!

longwaytogo Tue 25-Apr-06 17:10:05

spacecadet i'm only about 2 miles from ewloe didn't think new brighton was round there my geography not that good only lived here 4 years lol. Maybe we could meet up then. When are you moving?

spacecadet Tue 25-Apr-06 17:19:13

longwaytogo-3rd may(fingers crossed) was supposed to be exchanging today but it didnt happen.
new brighton is tiny, tiny, you could easily miss it!!!, its the next village to mynydd isa.
meet up would be great

longwaytogo Tue 25-Apr-06 19:21:39

ohhh really excited now meeting a mn'r in real life.

Do you know the area? Previously from here or brand new to North Wales

spacecadet Tue 25-Apr-06 19:23:22

i come from bangor originally but moved to cambs years ago, mum and the rest of my maternal family are still in wales and i still siarad cymraeg

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