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Freaking out about cervical cancer!

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OrangeLily Sun 27-Jan-13 17:21:50

It could be an abrasion (u think this is what it's called).

If you are on hormonal contraception this can be a side effect.

Don't worry about the colposcopy, it's not too uncomfortable. I have them regularly for something similar and I'm really healthy! They'll probably take a biopsy which just feels like a few little nips.

Best of luck and don't worry. smile

roughtyping Sun 27-Jan-13 17:12:28

I'm 27. I had an abnormal smear a few years ago, CIN3 and treatment. All ok now.

I sometimes bleed after sex - just little bits, mentioned this to nurse when I had my last smear. She said nothing looked abnormal. Smear came back clear, I've no STIs etc. I wouldn't panic yet <un-mumsnetty hugs>

anywinewilldo Sun 27-Jan-13 17:09:29

The last few times I have had intercourse I have had a tiny amount of bleeding - more of a slight pinkish stain, not bright red blood. I have a history of abnormal smears and CIN 1 diagnosed by biopsy which returned to normal by itself.

My GP has referred me back to colposcopy "as a precaution" given my history. I am now really scared about the possibility of cervical cancer especially as she said she saw a red abnormal area on my cervix when she examined me. Also, since she examined me, I have had some pelvic discomfort, which I've never experienced before after an internal.

I am 42. Anyone with similar experience?

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