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Anyone else get awful pain in roof of mouth during a cold?!

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chocoluvva Sun 27-Jan-13 14:17:35

Not in the same place, but I often get toothache in my upper teeth with a cold.

I assume that the catarrh and inflammation are pressing on that area of your head. Unless it's referred pain.

fuzzpig Sat 26-Jan-13 16:09:39

I started getting this a few years back - every time I get any kind of head cold, snotty virus etc. Sharp pain kind of in the middle of the roof of my mouth, like I'm being stabbed by a very blunt needle. It's agony and wakes me in the night (it's not really there in the day). It's quite often the first symptom.

It's weird, I'm sure this didn't happen until a few years ago!

Any thoughts or am I a total freak?!

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