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Is anyone else getting more forgetful as they grow older?

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ks Thu 15-Jan-04 12:06:29

Message withdrawn

DSW Thu 15-Jan-04 12:09:00

Definatley having children makes you forgetful!! I was always so organised and never forgot a thing till I had dd - now I am the same as you constantly forgetful and forever making endless lists...

Blu Thu 15-Jan-04 12:09:09

oh, what thread is this? I forget...oh yes. I agree with Motherinferior when she says male nursery nurses...what? oh, sorry....

Kayleigh Thu 15-Jan-04 12:10:38

Just mentioned on a different thread earlier today that my dh calls me "List Lady". If it's nt written down I haven't a cat in hells chance of remembering it

I didn't have ds1 till I was 35 and I was fine till then !!

JanH Thu 15-Jan-04 12:11:13

I think so but I can't remember how forgetful I was before.

SoupDragon Thu 15-Jan-04 12:11:45

I can't remember how forgetful I was before children.

sobernow Thu 15-Jan-04 12:15:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mothernature Thu 15-Jan-04 12:16:04

ermm not sure..

ks Thu 15-Jan-04 12:16:08

Message withdrawn

Kayleigh Thu 15-Jan-04 12:16:25

Were you two separated at birth ?

dancingdoormat Thu 15-Jan-04 12:17:27

Just busier

StressyHead Thu 15-Jan-04 12:19:15

message withdrawn

oliveoil Thu 15-Jan-04 12:19:24

I always walk upstairs and forget what I went for and lurk around the hallway until I remember.

M2T Thu 15-Jan-04 12:20:52

What was the question again?


JanH Thu 15-Jan-04 12:22:48

OO, I have to go back to where I was and repeat what I was doing before it comes to me - and sometimes not even then!

oliveoil Thu 15-Jan-04 12:25:15

Thats if you can remember where you came from

Marina Thu 15-Jan-04 12:27:26

The back of our front door is covered in post-it notes "MILK" "PE today" "Don't forget own head" etc. The fridge has more reminders on it. I don't leave the house without my Psion and my Dodo pad (in case I have forgotten to replace the batteries in my Psion). I have my work pass and my season ticket on an elastic zinger attached to my waistband.
I still manage to forget and lose, yes ks

JanH Thu 15-Jan-04 12:27:26

The stork brought me I think.

Kayleigh Thu 15-Jan-04 12:29:50

SNAP Marina!
I have a post it with "MILK" on my dashboard today as have to get some on way home

ks Thu 15-Jan-04 12:33:41

Message withdrawn

sis Thu 15-Jan-04 12:47:11

JanH, I too have to do the going back to what I was doing and where I was before thing, so whatever the cause Ks, most of us seem to suffer from it.

Marina Thu 15-Jan-04 12:50:48

ks, look Here for more info. I take issue with the claim that it is more fun than a Psion (the Betamax of the handhelds, alas, but I still love mine) but it is jolly helpful to cart four people's diaries around in one.
Do I know you from somewhere?

Batters Thu 15-Jan-04 13:48:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

tigermoth Fri 16-Jan-04 12:19:23

I'm more forgetful ater a mumsnet session. The computer might be switched off but my mind is still on a thread.

And I cannot imagine life without post it notes.

WideWebWitch Sat 17-Jan-04 10:14:42

at this thread! ks, you can get keyrings that beep if you whistle but they also seem to go off at every little noise. The instructions say somethng like 'this is normal, they keyring is just reminding you where your keys are at all times' but it's so annoying we threw it out in the end. I am very forgetful atm, maybe it's just post baby but maybe not. Eeek.

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