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Contact dermatitis sufferers... ever had an issue with Fenjal?

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EugenesAxe Fri 25-Jan-13 21:16:55

Just that really... I have a skin allergy to nickel, washing up liquid and harsh soaps if already skin-compromised.

I have just started getting bumps and itchy on my fleshy places and areas that get warm - inside of my legs, behind my armpits, forearm and tops of arms (maybe I should just say - 'on my arms') and the only thing that's changed is I started a tube of Fenjal shower cream. I'm almost certain that's it but just wanted to ask to see if anyone else had had a problem with it.

I like a nice latherer, which is hard to find when I wish to be vaguely ethical and avoid bad chemicals. The Fenjal is supposed to be for sensitive skin and that's normally enough. I have just finished a bottle of Olive Oil (I think) shower creme from l'Occitaine and it was nice, but didn't really lather much and I had to use a lot on my scourer... not great as it's pricey. Can anyone suggest anything that might suit?

Just in case... people may be wondering why I insist on using a scourer when I have sensitive skin. It's because it's not a crippling allergy and I've been able to use one with various shower creams without problem, but like I say, they tend to be brands that aren't that ethical.

Cheers smile

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