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any one else had a blood clot?

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Mommof2 Thu 24-Jan-13 18:59:22

Last August I got rushed to hospital and found I had a considerable sized clot on my lung, I had no reason really what made me more likey to get one.

I am now on warfarin and only 29, just wondering if anyone else has had anything similar and if they are still on medication and how long ?

Bottleoffish Mon 28-Jan-13 00:00:44

Hi OP. I had bilateral PE's in one of my pregnancies. I was put on heparin for 6 months as you can't take warfarin when pregnant and have had to have aspirin and heparin in a subsequent pregnancy. I have been diagnosed with Hughes Syndrome and although I am trying to concieve so on low dose aspirin at the moment and will go back on heparin during pregnancy, after that I'll be going on warfarin for the rest of my life. I'm only 36.

My symptoms were severe shortness of breath, which, as I like to brush things off, I put down to pregnancy! It was only as the midwife suggested I get checked out I begrudgingly went. At the time I was at very high risk of an infection that would mean delivery of my twins and I was only 21 weeks, so I was just relieved it wasn't that!

digerd Mon 28-Jan-13 07:25:36

Blood clots are very dangerous and very difficult for a GP to diagnose, unless , like 2 men I know, they had painful swellings in their legs.
My dad died of one in his coronary arteries - didn't show up in an ECG- and he had chest pain and breathlessness and weakness in his legs, for months beforehand. He was 75 though and in 1984 it was the average age of men's life expectancy and the hospital did nothing.
Last year my 83 year-old neighbour, had a mild stroke, and her carotid artery was cleaned out and she was given a heart by-pass on one of her coronary arteries - despite having no symptoms with her heart they checked it as well as part of today's MOT for the elderly.
Young people are not bothered with as not expected to have blood clots/furred up arteries. But obviously some do.
Good luck OP.

Mommof2 Wed 30-Jan-13 18:21:34

Sorry to hear that bottlefish that is a young age to be put on warfarin for life, I was considering having another baby with my new partner, not now but in the future but I am scared now that it will be too dangerous. But I am going to hospital Friday so I will find out more details, and whether I can come off the warfarin.

Also sorry to hear about your to hear about your dad digerd, it is more common in the elderly but still doesnt make it any better, I go and see some people in the clinic. They are all older than me, but it is a shame as one lady said she had been on it for 20 odd years. It is a scary thought really. Dreading the out come sad

Bosgrove Thu 31-Jan-13 21:39:44

I have had two DVT's, one in each leg, so high up in the leg veins that they had stretched up to my stomach.

I was 28 when I got my first, I was put on the usually clexane and warfarin, until my blood levels stablised, then just the warfarin for 6 months.

When I finished the six months I was weaned off the warfarin and tested via a thrombophilia screen, I turned out to have protein S deficiency (PSD)

I wasn't told how the PSD would effect my life, but was told that if I ever had a second clot I would be on warfarin for life. I got home and scared myself silly reading the internet.

A year later I had my second clot, so now on warfain unless pregnant in which case I self inject clexane (it is a lot less painful if you do it yourself)

I have three beautiful children, all of which were conceived while I was on warfarin, and I had two trouble free pregancies. The first was a bit harder as I have to be on a lower dose of clexane than usual or I bleed a lot, it took until week 13 to realise that I wasn't losing him and to get the dose right for me, and I went straight back onto warfarin straight after the birth and had a secondary PPH a week after DS was born. We learnt from the first pregnancy and the following two were straight forward.

If I had listened to the locum GP who when ask what should I do if I get pregnant while I was on warfarin (have an abortion was her answer) instead of my lovely haemotologist (phone and we will see you straight away, was his) I probably would have been to scared to try for a family.

I am now 40, and have been on anticogoagulants for over 10 years, if doesn't really effect my life. Ok I probably won't fly to Australia, but I have the family I also dreamt of.

Bosgrove Thu 31-Jan-13 21:51:45

Just seen you question about family history and weight gain.

Family history, PSD is either inherited or acquired, I didn't inherit from my Mum (she has been tested) but my Dad is scared of needles and knowing where it came from does effect me. My children have a 50 /50 chance of having it or not.

Weight gain - I have both put on weight and lost it while on warfarin. I alway put the weight gain down up the number of Burger Kings and cream cakes I ate, and the weight loss is down to slimming world and eating a healthy diet.

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