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Bad nappy rash: how to relieve it?

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expatkat Wed 14-Jan-04 23:54:13

Dd, 16 months, has an angry dark red rash on her labia which appeared alongside the diarrhoea she has developed in the past few days. I can't remember older ds ever having had such a nasty rash. What do you think it is? Do we need to see gp? What can I use to relieve it as ordinary nappy cream is not doing the trick? I'm in the US at the moment, so any familiarity with US products would be helpful. Thanks, Expat.

BadHair Thu 15-Jan-04 00:04:39

Could it be teething poo? My ds1 had a raw bum whenever he had teeth coming, but we used Sudocream (spelling?) and that cleared it up. Don't know if its available in the US, thought.
I've heard that a cloth soaked in cold camomile tea can soothe the rash, but not tried it. If normal nappy creams aren't working I'd be tempted to see the gp.

mears Thu 15-Jan-04 00:07:50

Diarrhoea has caused it probably. Let fresh air in at her bottom and avoid soap. Sorry, don't know US products. Sudecreme and drapoline are good.

prettycandles Thu 15-Jan-04 10:45:52

Also avoid nappy wipes and baby lotion. Use just cotton wool and warm water.

ponygirl Thu 15-Jan-04 10:48:24

Again, don't know if its available in the US but I found Metanium excellent for a bad rash. But it does sound like it's to do with the diarrhoea. I'd be tempted to see gp though, if you're concerned.

popsycal Thu 15-Jan-04 17:24:13

i second metanium cream - clears it up over night with ds
tesco sells it

codswallop Thu 15-Jan-04 17:53:15

no good with ds3 - hus was caused by pampers wipes.

still cant shift it

Cha Thu 15-Jan-04 17:54:48

I saw one of those 10 minute programmes that the BBC do called Trade Secrets whereby florists, butchers, plumbers etc tell you their top tips. The one for nannies / childminders said that for very bad nappy rash you should put baking soda in a bucket / washing up bowl, water as hot as the child can stand and sit its bum in it for half an hour or as long as possible. Can't remember how much baking powder but it isn't harmful so I'd put a couple of generous tablespoonsful. If you have some baking soda in the house, try it and tell us if it helps!
Good luck anyway and hope your dd feels better soon x

codswallop Thu 15-Jan-04 18:04:03

I may try that for ds3 - partic as he did his first poo in the bath today!

wilbur Thu 15-Jan-04 18:13:22

expatkat - there an American product called A&D ointment which we used to use when I was little. It's a sort of all-purpose miracle cream and I know it's still available there as my sister had a friend of hers send some over. I haven't used it for nappy rash, but I remember it being v. soothing for my bad excema and my sister said it helped with her dd's nappy rash. It's sort of like vaseline, only slightly medicated and I think you can get it with aloe vera in it now. Hope your dd feels better soon.

CountessDracula Thu 15-Jan-04 19:06:09

Metanium is brilliant, I agree.

popsycal Thu 15-Jan-04 19:10:18

i have a question.....
ds hardly ever gets nappy rash...but if he gets a bit it is always on a wednesday when he comes back from the childminders (mum has him mon and tues.....)
any suggestions.....
i already put barrier cream in and have asked her to use it
though we dont usually use any cream
also have asked her to make sure she uses our wipes as he is sensitive to all others.....
suspect she is leaving him in a dirty nappy slightly longer than we would.....
She is otherwise brilliant and I couldn't ask for any better...

Bogwoppit Thu 15-Jan-04 19:29:35

metanium is great, but i also found that corn flour (corn starch in USA) is excellent - apply livberally to affected area after nappy change.

bum in nappy sounds a bit squeaky but it worked for us (recommended by my US friend!)

Carla Thu 15-Jan-04 19:40:16

I fourth (or was it fifth) back Metanium. It was the only thing that worked for me. Have you tried typing it into a US search engine & seeing what happens? Otherwise, if you want, I'll happily send you a couple of tubes. Can still remember being distraught about this, even though DDS are now 4 and 5. Let me know.

codswallop Thu 15-Jan-04 19:41:13

how come metanuim is not working for ds3 then?

popsycal Thu 15-Jan-04 19:44:00

coddy - how long have you been trying metanium with him?

SofiaAmes Fri 16-Jan-04 00:04:46

Sounds like a bit of thrush (yeast infection), which often looks angrier than a normal nappy rash. I've been in england too long, and can't remember what it's called, but try the american equivalent of Canestan. If it cracks at all and bleeds, Neosporin works wonders to relieve the pain, (but will not get rid of the rash).

honeybunny Fri 16-Jan-04 13:40:35

Check diet too. ds2 gets occassional nappy rash whenever he eats anything citrusy, esp satsumas or clementines.
I've always found metanium brilliant for clearing it up. I find a few days in real nappies works better too. Used them constantly with ds1 til he trained, never had nappy rash, but been a bit lazy with ds2.

eidsvold Fri 16-Jan-04 21:08:06

i also used metanium when dd had very bad nappy rash ( bum raw and bleeding - long story) To make it easier to clean off as it is pretty sticky - I mixed it with sudocrem. Worked wonders - along with cotton wool and warm water and then drying her bum before putting cream on.

popsycal Fri 16-Jan-04 21:09:45

cotton wool with a little olive oil is fab for getting it off too
the nurses in special care told us that

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