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my eyes are so sore and I am so fed up.

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steppemum Wed 23-Jan-13 21:19:43

In november I started to get red itchy skin around my eyes. Pretty sure it is exzema. I don't get exzema now but did as a child, so recognise it.

My eyes get itchy, red inflamed and puffy. Then the irritation dies down and the skin is sore, cracked and painful. it is the skin round the eyes, inside the eyes are fine.

I cannot put anything on them. All moisturizers sting and make it worse. The only thing that helps is vaseline, which I am putting on 5, 6, 7 times a day because they are so dry and sore.

I went to the gp and she said exzema is just dry skin hmm and so I should moisturize them thoroughly for 2-3 months and the skin will regenerate and then it will be fine.
I nearly cried, it was probably the most useless gp consultation I have ever had. I am quite assertive and asked her about hydrocortisone creams and how no moisturizers worked and how exzema is not just dry skin, it is really itchy etc. She was adamant. She prescribed double base cream to be applied several times a day. She said th estinging was just because the skin was sore and ai should continue to apply so the skin can repair.
I forked out £7 for the prescription and used it and it stung like hell. I decided to do as she said (just in case I was wrong) so I applied it 4 times that day. By bedtime my eyes had puffed up and in the morning I couldn't open them.

So it is back to vaseline. I have an appointment with the gp at the practice who is a dermatologist, but not til 6th Feb.

They are so sore. Every time I look in th emirror I want to cry I look hideous, raw red patches right round my eyes up to eyebrows and in a big circle underneath. They have been like this for 2 months and are getting worse. The cold air outside makes them water. The tears sting the sore skin, and then I get chapped corners to add to the misery.

I haven't changed anything, same shampoo, soap, washing powder etc etc. No idea why it suddenly started, just want to get rid of it.

ClareMarriott Sat 26-Jan-13 13:36:02

Have you thought you might be allergic to something like peanuts ? Alternatively, have you tried bathing your eyes with milk . Use cotton wool dipped in milk that has just come out of the fridge, useful if you have conjunctivitis

hiddenhome Sat 26-Jan-13 20:46:53

You can buy 1% hydrocortisone over the counter. Canestan hydrocortisone is very good and soothing even if it isn't a fungal infection. As long as you're not using hydrocortisone for long periods it's okay on the face.

steppemum Sat 26-Jan-13 22:15:02

really hidden home?? I had no idea, I will get some - that is what is needed I am sure, to knock it on the head, then I can try something for the dryness

thanks very much

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