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Colonoscopy......anyone had one?

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suburbandream Sun 27-Jan-13 14:15:13

I saw this thread earlier in the week and just wanted to add my esperience as I had a colonoscopy yestterday! I had a gastroscopy recently too but I think the sedative must be different as I rememeber very little of what happened with that, whereas with the colonoscopy I was defintely aware of everything that was happening. I felt very relaxed and even watched what was happening on the screen - I am normally quite squeamish and thought I would just "close my eyes and think of England" but it was quite interesting grin. They had to look at my caecum (sp?) which is a long was up but there were only a few times it felt a bit uncomfortable, the doc had told me to let him know so he could adjust position etc. They took several biopsies and although I could feel it, it wasn't painful.
By far the worst bit is taking the laxatives, or rather the effect of them before the test! I had picolax which actually tasted quite nice, and bisacodyl tablets.
After the test you go to recovery for about half an hour, I felt fine but just a bit sleepy. Then they give you tea and biscuits and your report and you are free to go. I had quite a long journey home on the train but felt fine. I was told I'd have a bit of tummy ache for a couple of days, which I do but it's no worse than mild period pain. All in all, way better than I thought it would be. good luck and I hope yours goes ok smile

Milliways Sun 27-Jan-13 10:06:39

Well I am now making the most of not doing anything for a day or 2 - apparently not operating electrical equipment for 24 hours extends to kettles! grin

It was fine. The moviprep was just foul when I tried it neat - (I was retching at the smell whilst mixing it up - but I am a wuss with smells and tastes) so I added some Orange & Mango squash which improved it no end. Took me AGES to drink it as had to have 1 sip chased down with water - so consumed 4 litres of fluid! More than 1 sip and it threatened to come back so I took my time and it all went in. Then it all comes out in spectacular style! grin. I left the last inch or 2 of the stuff as I was definitely "running clear" by then. (TMI - sorry).

I had the sedation as having gastroscopy & colonoscopy. I was worried about swallowing the tube but I honestly can't remember that bit. I remember the throat spray and the mouthpiece, and I remember watching various bits of me on the screen, but I can't remember either "insertion" or removal! Spent a little while in a recovery area, then they check you're ok to sit up, then moved to another area in lounge chairs where I had tea & toast, and went home 2.5 hours after arriving. Worst bit of the whole day was the needle for sedation in my elbow.

Saw the consultant - all looks normal so just IBS really, he will confirm all biopsy results when they arrive back.

I am now waiting with anticipation to see how the little food I ate yesterday will be processed. Stomach is gurgling & I am burping & farting away merrily whilst watching the tennis.

Good luck.

dopamax Thu 24-Jan-13 17:20:03

Had endoscopy few weeks back , had sedation, double dose, did not work due to other meds taken....heavy ones! Was due to have colon looked at aswell but was in such a state would not let them do it.....such a wuss, having been through brain surgery couple yrs ago aswell! Saw gastro dr yest, have to have it done, but the higher up one when you go on lite diet before, he said again sedation wont work so going to have ga for it!!
Yes am a wimp, my friend had it done a week ago, no probs, no sedation and drove herself home, she said it was fine, no problem at all.
Dr did stress better to be awake as you can guide them by what you feel so far safer....but I dont care put me to sleep please.

Longdistance Thu 24-Jan-13 15:13:37

Oh great. It's probably gonna hurt as I am the Pile Queen hmm

penguinplease Thu 24-Jan-13 14:46:07

Hi, I had one back in November, I am the only person I know who had no problems with the bowel prep. In preparation for the prep I cut down on my eating a few days before hand and drank a lot of water so it was totally painless and I did not spend hours on the loo at all. The worst bit I found was the fasting, I dreamt of so many foods I wanted!
The actual colonoscopy was painful but sort of in a distant memory kind of way as I was sedated.
Oh and I didn't struggle with wind aferwards either, all the things I was expecting didn't happen and the thing I wasn't worried about which was being sedated ended up being the strangest!

Corygal Thu 24-Jan-13 14:30:38

I had one, it was rather awful having a pipe a mile up one's bum, but at least you can say you've spent time looking up your own arse.

I had an enema - fine - and farted afterwards for hours. But mine hurt, as I have an anal fissure.

winterpansy Thu 24-Jan-13 14:26:07

Marking my place here..I have to get one next Wednesday and have Klean Prep to take. I feel sick just thinking about it!

Longdistance Thu 24-Jan-13 12:28:55

Milliways let me know how you get on??

Longdistance Thu 24-Jan-13 12:27:45

Lots of you have had one, which is reassuring.
Just would like it over and done with as quick as possible, but the on I was recommended is on holiday. I've a list of numbers to go through to find the nearest gastroentologist (sp?).
It would be so much easier if I was in the Uk, I'd get transferred to a hossy, here in Oz as I'm going private, I have to do the leg work.

Milliways Wed 23-Jan-13 19:00:44

I am having one on Saturday, so have the Moviprep to look forward to on Friday!

bettys Wed 23-Jan-13 17:50:48

Hi Longdistance, I also have a family history of bowel cancer so it's a good thing to have yourself checked periodically. I had a colonoscopy a few months ago; as others have said the procedure itself is a doddle, but the preparation is a faff with the fasting and bowel cleansing. There were no after-effects, but they did find a couple of polyps which they removed.
Hope it goes well for you

Doilooklikeatourist Wed 23-Jan-13 17:45:34

I had sedative the first couple of times, the Doctor called it Hypnoval .
Had a really bad after effect from it though , blood pressure dropped , I had to stay in bed in the recovery room for hours , and had a bad headache for a week .
So I went without since then , the pain killer is good though , makes it quite bearable .

pepperrabbit Wed 23-Jan-13 17:40:27

I found the prep worse than the procedure to be honest and I did find it embarrassing to tell the doctor that the laxative had been so effective I had to use some sudocrem.
I had a hernia fixed at the same time so had a general, if I didn't know I'd had a colonoscopy I'd actually be none the wiser - no after effects at all.

plusonemore Wed 23-Jan-13 17:32:49

the sedation doesn't put you to sleep btw

Longdistance Wed 23-Jan-13 13:40:21

Thanks for all the input. It's really appreciated.

My docs been busy trying to get a specialist sorted as they're all on holiday at the moment hmm

Still feel nervous about having one though, not the pain, but the after effects like sedation. I'd rather not be awake tbh. I'll need dh to have dd's whilst I have this done, and pick me up when ready.

plusonemore Wed 23-Jan-13 09:08:49

I had one last year, wasn't sure whether to post this but thought about it and I would have wanted to know. I found it to be incredibly painful. Apparently some peoples bowels are more twisty than others, that can affect it. Also the sedative didn't work at all for me...until the next day!! I woke up and was like a zombie!! Sadly that combo meant it hurt a lot. Think most people have an ok time so im sure you'll be fine and I hope you don't mind me being honest! I had a diagnosis of ulcerative colitis.

Doilooklikeatourist Wed 23-Jan-13 09:06:43

I've had a few colonoscopies , the last one just before Christmas .
The worst thing is the very strong laxative you take the day before which keeps you house bound ( loo bound ) for a good few hours .

In my opinion , try not to have a sedative for the procedure , I just had a pain killer , watch the screen , it's quite interesting to see all your insides ! Think opening sequence to Dr Who !

A bit farty for a couple of hours after , but it's ok .

You will need 2 days off work , I the day before , and the day of the procedure as you may feel a little fragile afterwards .

You may not be allowed to drive for 24 hours , you will definetely need to be collected from hospital and have someone stay with you overnight .

Bunbaker Wed 23-Jan-13 09:06:08

What MarshmallowFarm said. I had to drink 4 litres of Clean Prep to clear my bowel. It tasted vile. I then decamped to the toilet with a good book for the afternoon.

The procedure itself didn't take long and I felt fine afterwards.

Good luck. I hope you find some (easily treated) answers.

MarshmallowFarm Wed 23-Jan-13 09:01:31

I have had one at same time as an endoscopy. I was really worried despite others reassuring me the procedure would be fine - and afterwards I wondered why I had been so worried.

I can honestly say that the bowel prep is the worst part as you can't be away from the loo for about 10 hours whilst your bowels does its stuff!

The procedure itself was totally painless, and actually quite interesting as I could see my (sparklingly clean!) bowel on the TV screen. They will generally tell you straight away if they can see any problems.

Go for a sedative if they offer it as it may not knock you out but it does calm you down and you feel as if it's all a bit of a dream. I had no after-effects and was able to eat and go to the loo as normal straight after. If you have the deative you can't drive yourself home afterwards though as you will be a bit woozy.

All the best x

Longdistance Wed 23-Jan-13 08:54:36

Well, I'm being sent to have one as they think I have a infection in there somewhere.

It started off with fatigue, diahorrea, and stomach cramps. My belly is largely swollen and I keep getting mistaken for being pg sad I am not.

Have had lots of blood tests so far, my new doc has been very thorough with questioning about my health, and a real thorough examination where she touched my tummy and it was sore in that area.

I've been watching what I'm eating lately as feel this may have contributed to me feeling ill, and this has been well ove a month, and although the diahorrea has calmed down, I'm still tired lots and my blood tests have flagged up some high results for something, but I don't understand them confused one result went down to reasonable result but still flagged, the others is still high, but gone down. It wasn't glucose or the thyroid results.

However, I am now worried as my poor mum has had bowel cancer which was treated, all's well now, but it's worrying me, and I don't want to tell her I'm having it done to worry her unneccassarily. Luckily we live in Oz, so she wouldn't be any wiser.

Just wanted to know if anyone else has had one done, and any after effects with it? I would ask my mum if she remembers, but I don't want to tell her tbh.

Well, if you've read this far, thanks for reading x

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