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Nerve pain in thumb. What would you do?

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BasketzatDawn Mon 21-Jan-13 20:39:32

10 days ago i had a textbook nerve pain experience when having a cannula put in my hand. Apart from screaming with pain (quietly! i am polite person usually smile) I said nothing much, but explained immediately that pain was like electric shock down my thumb. Junior doctor then took over frm med student, and put venflon in same arm but slightly further along. In last few days pain has been getting worse. I accept these things happen, it's a risk of cannulation, esp when being practised on by students. Bladdy bladdy bla.

What has upset me (apart from ongoing pain, and I had pain already elsewhere so just didn't need this ...) is manner of junior dr when i spoke of the sudden pain. His initial reaction was 'Well, i don't know how that could have happened. It's not like you have any nerves in there'. My thoughts: So where the fuck were you when they covered hand nerves in med school? He then went on to say: But I do believe you. i don't think you are making it up. All I said was. No, it's not the sort of thing a person would make up (slightly sarcastic). My thoughts were along the lines of prick, young, arrogant, and patronising. I am considering making a complaint about how he addressed the situation - if nothing else he needs to revise hand nerves before he gets much further in his career. Apart from this, he was a perfectly pleasant young man. Should I do this, or am I overreacting? And who would I tell? In Scotland, so no PALS. I know I am angry anyway - pissed off at being ill, worried about prognosis, my future earning capacity, loss of career etc. So maybe I just need a scapegoat for my general anger, to regain a smidgeon of control? and it saves me shouting at DH, DCs, any random person. Non?

Further, should i discuss the pain with GP? Is there any point? If it's going to get better then it will get better in the end. Is there anything I can do to help it/ stop it from getting worse? I have pain in other shoulder already (separate situation), so really this is very demoralising as my arm function is getting worse not better. And I like knitting .....

BasketzatDawn Mon 21-Jan-13 20:42:57

Oops, sorry, no quotation marks in above. Hope it's clear who said what blush.

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