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Anyone please????

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Peppapigisnotmyname Sun 20-Jan-13 15:38:34

Hi, I'm new to this and have a long winded story which I'll try to keep short. Posting on here as I just don't know what else to do sad

So here goes.....

In July 2012 I suddenly had some aching on my left side. Like ovulation pain and it went on for three weeks then went. It then appeared on my right side but didn't go. It slowly radiated into the top of my thigh and around the back go my thigh. It would come and go but was generally worse in the two weeks before my period. I also found wearing tampons painful, like an increase in pressure. I used like going to the gym but found exercise made the pain worse. I became very anxious and struggled to have complete BM sometimes having to go several times a day which was not like me at all.

I went to the GP, several times. Was told 'trapped wind' IBS, groin strain etc eventually I got my bloods done, including markers for ovulation and bowel cancer. All clear. Then I had an ultrasound. Everything fine. So my GP suggested physio. I refused as I felt it was gynae problem and paid to see a consultant privately. Saw gynae. He said there was nothing wrong with me and agreed with my GP that I should have physio for a groin strain. At this stage the pain was localised to my right side and although unpleasant wasn't to bad. So I saw physio for two weeks. She gave me some exercises to do which I did carefully as instructed. My pain then went through the roof sad pain all the way to my knee, back and front of my thigh, so bad that I could barely walk and I ended up at the GP out of hours services with a profound limp and was given tramadol and over the counter pain killers no longer worked. Physio then referred me to orthropecic consultant ( all of this was private treatment on insurance) who ordered MRI scan. This showed a dialated Fallopian tube on my left, full of cysts plus ovarian cyst on my right side. So I was referred to another gynae. She gave me another ultrasound scan and then did a laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, prolapse repair ( rectocele), removed my left Fallopian tube (she tried to save it but said the cysts were like a 'bunch of grapes' nice!)and also drained the cyst on the right side. All were biopsied and came back as clear, just simple cysts.

That was all eight weeks ago. Trouble is I'm still in pain. It's not as bad as it was, had a few days when I've been pain free smile finally thought I'd cracked it only to find that the pain returns. I have kept a pain diary and have also, foolishly, tried to do some of the exercises that the physio gave me (what a fool I feel) - she said I should do these exercises as my core was weak .... Anyway the pain is now in both legs, thigh to knee, cramping in the back of my right leg. Also some pelvic pain. But it seems quite random, nothing appears to trigger it. Trouble is I can't just sit on my bum, I've got two young DCs so I've very on the go although I'm trying to take it easy. I've seen the gynae and she said it was just healing pain and it would settle. She's now discharged me telling me nothing is seriously wrong and not to worry. Since seen my GP who basically said the same thing and gave me some painkillers.

I'm so down I just don't know what to do. Not eating/sleeping. Very anxious all the time, feel like I am going mad!! Maybe it's all in my head??? GP refused to give me anxiety tablets/antidepressants. Now started having night sweats. Obviously I've googled and I'm scared to death. Got a wonderful DH but no other close family. I'm a carer for my seriously disabled dad and my beloved mum died a few years ago. Just don't know what to do....... Would just like to get my old life back sad

hiddenhome Sun 20-Jan-13 22:01:28

Eight weeks is still very early days. You do need to get adequate rest periods during the day and don't attempt those exercises yet. Vitamin C and zinc will help with healing. Try to up the protein in your diet to help with healing too.

gussiegrips Sun 20-Jan-13 23:04:45

What are you concerned about? Are you worried that your pain levels might mean there is more going on than your medics think?

I agree with hidden, it's early days. You clearly ahve a lot on your plate and have had a major operation after having a long ride of dealing with significant pain levels.

It might be worth chatting with your GP again to sort out the source of your anxiety - and, mention the night sweats too. And, meanwhile, be kind to yourself.


Peppapigisnotmyname Mon 21-Jan-13 12:35:16

Thanx for replying. Yeah I am worried that there's something else wrong. Tbh though, I'm not sure what!

My anxiety is basically caused by the death of my mother 7 years ago from cancer, (brain tumour) It was a horrendous time and I've never really got over losing her. I'm scared of dying and leaving my dcs, they are only 8 and 4. I'm a complete nervous wreck and I'm convinced the drs have missed something. Having said that, when I apply logic to it, I can see, although it was with the best of intentions, I haven't helped my recovery.

sandripples Mon 21-Jan-13 13:45:31

Hi, sorry you're going through this. I have had breast cancer though am currently free of symptoms.

From that experience I suggest you try to focus on what you know - the facts - rather than speculating about what might be. Your mind is probably reeling all over the place - I know its hard but try to keep yourself calm, and just think about what you really KNOW about your condition, and do not let your mind veer off into dozens of horrible scenarios that are not going to happen.

It takes a bit of practice but you can do it. Quite honestly, I'd have gone mad if I hadn't taken this approach.

It takes time to get over any surgery - I had a searing pain down my arm for several weeks after lymph nodes removed and then suddenly, it went - oh the relief!

Keep reminding yourself that there was no cancer found - that's GOOD NEWS!

Give it another 4 weeks and if your pain is still troubling you, go back to the GP about the pain, and (if you're still worried) your fears and how you're feeling.

Also use distraction - do gentle things you like doing, get help from pals with children, rest as much as you can, walk when the weather permits as walking is a great healer. Good luck.

gussiegrips Wed 23-Jan-13 13:17:08

Peppa, I wonder whether you'd be comfortable having a chat with your GP about your anxiety.

You've asked your questions about your symptoms, and been given answers which should have allayed your fears. Your last post stands out to me, I'm scared of dying and leaving my dcs?

We are all scared of dying and leaving our dcs. That's a normal part of parenting. But, if it's starting to affect you when there is no rational cause for it (in that your physical symptoms have been investigated and nothing sinister has been found), then I wonder whether it might be helpful for you to get some help with dealing with your grief.

7 years isn't long to be grieving for someone who's been there for your whole life, I hope this doesn't read as being in any way critical of you! But, for grief to be affecting you to the point where your, perfectly appropriate, fears are interfering with your life - well, you don't need to put up with that.

Hang in there, have a think about having a chat with your GP about what's at the root of your worries.

And, I'm sorry for your loss. We all need our mammy, no matter how old we are. x

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