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mysterious lletz results

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oolaroola Fri 18-Jan-13 21:42:11

So I had lletz two weeks ago and a small area of suspected cin 2 was removed. my smear result had identified moderate dyskaryosis.
The dr doing the colposcopy said that it was a small patch so she should just remove it rather than taking a biopsy as not much would be left if she did one.
However the histology results on the part removed have come back saying that the area removed was normal.
Am not sure what to think about this! They are now planning to review my smear slides in order to decide what to do next.
I also appear to have a small infection after the lletz to add insult to injury. My gp wanted to examine me, but I couldn't face it and cried when she asked to look. It's sore and I can't face anymore prodding so she gave me anti biotics anyway.
Has anyone else had this kind of discrepancy in lletz/biopsy and smear results?
Am worried that they have removed the wrong bit and I'll have to have it done all over again.
thanks in advance...

oolaroola Sat 19-Jan-13 08:55:10


digerd Sat 19-Jan-13 14:57:30

I had mine done 30 years ago and had a biopsy first after the abnormal smear test. results were the whole rim of cervix with CIN3 cells. So had a 2nd op which is like the LLetz but was done with a scalpal, as it was then. They took the rim away and went farther up to see how far it had gone and took more away .
When I went back for the results, was told it was not as bad as they had previously thought, and I didn't need the Hysterectomy they feared, and had taken all bad cells away.
I haven't heard of anyone being told it wasn't necessary as they had made a mistake - but then they wouldn't have done.
But I have heard of the other way round, where the abnormal cells were missed and the patient was dead in 4 years.
So, to err on caution is the better option.
Sorry it happened to you and you have a suspected infection - really is not good enough.

oolaroola Sat 19-Jan-13 20:17:14

Hi Digerd
Thanks for replying. The dr did say at the time that sometimes she can remove healthy cervix by mistake but that it did look like cin 2 as the smear indicated. They are going to review things at an mdt meeting on tues and then let me know. Just bit fed up with poking and prodding. And yes at the time I thought better to be cautious too, but now have feelings of annoyance erupting. Maybe just pmt related as am not normally so negative. As for the infection I have to say that both me and my husband were bit shocked at how grubby the room was where it took place, and my standards are not over high on an everyday level if you know what I mean.
Just more waiting I suppose...

digerd Sun 20-Jan-13 09:28:58

As far as my experience is concerned, the smear only diagnoses abnormal cells, and the 1st biopsy, before removal diagnoses the stage. Mine was CIN 3 or carcinoma In Situ as it was called then. The smear couldn't determine that?
You seem to have had a raw deal and the hospital sounds sub-standard.
Making a mistake is one thing but getting an infection is unacceptable.
I'd be angry too.

rabbitstew Mon 21-Jan-13 18:54:18

Yes, I had LLETZ to remove CIN3 - nice and neat job, recovered quickly, histology confirmed all abnormality removed. Looked fine at colposcopic review but the repeat smear result post-op came back with alarming comments about possibly abnormal endocervical cells (endocervical abnormalities can be more serious, as they can spread very quickly, unlike the more common form of cervical cancer). I then had a huge chunk taken from my cervix via LLETZ (which doctors always comment on when doing smears, as it has left the cervix a funny shape), only to have them come back to say that there was nothing wrong after all. I felt angry at the time, tbh, because it took months to stop bleeding and they had specifically said they were doing it on the spot because I had decided I didn't plan to have any more children (ie the lump removed was so big it could have weakened my cervix sufficiently to make any subsequent pregnancy more likely to result in miscarriage or premature birth, so if I had planned more children, they would have just biopsied and decided on the basis of that...). Since then, smear tests have come back normal for six or so years, thankfully, as there is only so much cervix you can remove before there isn't any left to remove and any abnormalities after that would require more radical treatment (ie you can only have so many lumps removed from your cervix before they have to get rid of the whole lot)... so, I am left unnecessarily with a cervix that will be harder to treat conservatively if any abnormality returns in the future and the knowledge that if I got accidentally pregnant, it might be something to worry about. However, I don't have cervical cancer and I don't plan to have any more children, so I feel a bit more philosophical about it, now (unless and until I get any further abnormalities... so fingers crossed!). And the 2nd time I had it done, the place was SHOCKINGLY filthy and unpleasant. So I know how you feel - but life goes on and you can't change what's happened!

digerd Mon 21-Jan-13 19:22:40

Well, I too was left with a deformed cervix after my scapel cone biopsy, as it was called 30 years ago. I didn't know it had healed/was chopped wonky for decades. Except in Germany 2 years later, the gyny said I had a terrible scar, and the look on his face was that I'd been butchered .Back in England 15 years later, another gyny said she couldn't see my left Ovary with the mirror stick thing, I asked why and she said the cervix had healed wonky< or some such word>. So I was admitted for a Hysteroscopy. I told her what the german gyny had said and she said " Oh, it looks fine to me, that often happens". Says it all. But mine was done 30 years ago, and the procedure has advanced and improved, or so I thought.
They did say at the time that my cervix would need a couple of stitches if I got pregnant, which would have to be removed before the birth.

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