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Pudendal nerve pain/vulvodynia/nerve blocks

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Junebugjr Fri 18-Jan-13 17:35:39

I cant believe im going to write this without nsme changing but bollocks to it. Since the birth of my second DC, I've been having issues with 'down below'. Burning, shooting pains, the general feel of having an infection continuously. I've also developed coccyx pain. Honestly, its like a free for all party from the waist down. My GP and consultant Gynae lazy bastards have been totally useless, mostly fobbing me off with lidicaine/steroids and treating me like some sort of stalky nuisance. I've been diagnosed with vulvodynia, diagnosis involved some consultant poking me with a cotton bud and proclaiming I had this, no other tests, very sophisticated NHS treatment as expected.
Due to the coccyx pain I'm booked into seeing an orthopaedic dr privately, an am going to follow up with a visit to a private gynae to see what the hell is going on. Naturally as I'm getting bog all help from hcp's I've turned to good old google. My symptoms seem to match pudendal neuralgia so I'm going to ask my gynae to refer me to god knows who.
Has anyone experience of this? Any doctors you recommend? I've also read nerve blocks are a go to for treatment, has anyone had these? Also there don't seem to be any specialists in my area who deal with these, what doctors did you see, and could you be referred on nhs to them even though their out of area. I'm willing to go private if quicker, as my poor ladybits have had enough.

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