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Whooping cough?

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Elibean Thu 17-Jan-13 11:22:24

It sounds just like whooping cough, tbh. And it is worth knowing, even though the doctors can't do anything about it, because its very infectious - as long as you have the actual cough/sick part, I think?? And can be dangerous for small children/babies, or elderly.

Apparently, the vaccination wears off after a number of years hmm

Not looked at the site, but have friend at dd's school who has just had it. It does start with a cold/earache etc then the cough, then the fluey part with the cough/whoop/sick cycle. Does your throat seem to close when you cough? Friend is looking MUCH better now (she had the worst part over Xmas) but says if she gets an occasional coughing fit it can still make her sick: the trick, apparently, is to breathe slowly through your nose.

It sounds as though its around a fair bit, atm, sadly.

Hope you feel better v soon smile

Furball Thu 17-Jan-13 07:25:04

my dh had similar last year, he went to the dr's twice and they just said it was a cough. It went on for about 4 months.

He'd be ok then have violent coughing bursts where he literally choked every hour or so - very scary, ds asked if dad was going to die everytime it happened.

anyway - I do know that there is no cure and I do know that unless tested within 2 weeks, tests show negative. So if you think it is whooping cough, the dr's can't do alot for you anyway.

very informative site here

Hope you feel better soon whatever it is smile

nennypops Wed 16-Jan-13 20:50:32

I know I'm probably being hypochondriac, but does anyone know the symptoms of whooping cough in adults? I've had a sore throat on and off since before Christmas plus ear ache, started developing an annoying tickly cough a few days ago, today it's gone into overdrive and I don't think I've ever had such a bad cough. I get paroxysms of uncontrollable coughing and have been sick a few times, and when I tried going out and about I found that my head felt like it was going to burst every time I had a coughing fit. I have phases in between when I feel reasonably OK, and I'm better in bed just because I can rest my head there. Is it worth going to cough at the doctor?

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