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Anyone developed thyroid problems post Mirena?

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frazzled123 Tue 15-Jan-13 13:39:18

Had mirena fitted in Jan last year for heavy periods and progesterone part of HRT.
My heavy periods have all but stopped, but have pretty much ongoing light bleeding.
I seem to have a really crap immune system anyway, but have various symptoms that won't seem to go away such as being very tired, night sweats (even with hrt), weight gain around middle, metallic taste in mouth, extremely dry skin and cracked heels, itchy skin and aching under arm pits. I did have a virus before Christmas and have just had an outer ear infection, but I feel there is something underlying that is not menopause or a virus.
I've asked for bloods to test thyroid function as I remember vaguely reading about it can change with mirena and/or hrt. Having them done tommorrow so will see what outcome is. My GP is being understanding, but I feel that I am being a complete hypochondriac, even though I have very real symptoms.....
Has anyone had these symptoms post mirena? Or developed a known thyroid problem?

frazzled123 Tue 15-Jan-13 21:14:46


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