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Urine Samples and testing for UTIs - are they usually always right?

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looneytune Mon 14-Jan-13 18:45:29

I'm 18 weeks pregnant and due to period type pain yesterday, I ended up calling the maternity unit last night as was getting worried about the pain (I had been reluctant to call as I'd already been sent to them 3 times in the last week due to ongoing issues with bleeding and needing anti d jabs). Anyway, after describing the pain they said it sounded like a UTI and I told them I AM drinking more and going to the loo more so that would make sense. They insisted I saw out of hours Dr as if I have one, they want it clearing ASAP so not to risk prem labour etc. So I was seen last night, urine tested negative, pressed on that area of tummy and it was tender but they said they couldn't see why and just said to see how I get on. Well today I've been on the loo loads, sometimes more than twice in half an hour! I'm drinking loads of water as so thirsty and now I have a bit of pain near my left kidney. I'm sure this IS a UTI as I've had enough to know (only reason wasn't sure last night is because I usually get the pain in my kidney area and not above the pelvis like yesterday).

I'm wondering if drinking so much water throughout the day could have diluted the sample and made it negative? Also, I did last year have AWFUL pain and knew it was related to water works as was having pain as I went to the toilet, so bad I almost collapsed once and after 2 trips to the GP and 2 negative tests, I BEGGED them to send the sample off to the lab to check. Turned out I had a nasty infection that didn't show up on the dip test. This pain isn't as bad as then but I'm wondering if this could have happened again. The Drs I've spoken to seem to think it's a very unusual thing to happen and the said the dip tests usually show something if there is something (also said drinking loads of water all day wouldn't affect the test).

Anyway, I wondered if any others have had this sort of problem? I've decided to take a sample in the morning as first urine might be better? But if this comes back negative, do you think I should push again for this to go to the lab anyway?

And if it's not a UTI, anyone have any idea what else it could be?

podgymumma Mon 14-Jan-13 19:03:05

kidney stones?

Hoophopes Mon 14-Jan-13 19:07:38

Urine dips showed nothing really for me - but what did work was sending off a sample of Urine to the lab for testing -so perhaps ask for that? Whilst midwife told me I had no infection the MSU test showed otherwise. Also showed, for me, thrush which I had no idea I had because it was high up in vagina. Treating the thrush with canestan pessaries really reduced my pain.

looneytune Mon 14-Jan-13 19:18:14

podgymumma - not really having pain going to the toilet at this stage so don't think it's that. Well, just been and it was the first time on this occasion that it hurt but it wasn't real pain like before. I just spent ages trying to empty as kept feeling I still needed to go and I'd manage a squeeze more each time if I rocked back and forth so I'm really convincd it's a UTI and not stones.

Hoophopes - interestingly enough I was swabbed on Friday because of signs of thrush high up. I'm pleased it's not just me having negative tests then, I'll go to GP in the morning with a sample and insist it's sent off. To add to this, when I was pg with ds2 I ended up with a resistant organism and there was only 1 AB that would clear it (not one usually used in pregnancy but had to for ds2's sake). So I think it's worth mentioning this so they can make sure I'm not wasting my time on the standard ABs.

Thanks for the advice ladies smile

Hoophopes Mon 14-Jan-13 19:30:09

looneytune - my midwife found protein and one other thing in urine dip, said it was normal and 2 weeks later I was in hospital on IV antibiotics as had infection that needed IV's!! 10 weeks later on in pregnancy the dr sent off a urine sample "just in case" as it had been negative for 2 tests when dipped and I ended up with nasty infectious infection, 6 days barrier nursed in hospital with IV Tazocin, not ideal in pregnancy.

Dr told me that if they know what the infection is, i.e. from MSU test, then they can treat with correct AB's - if not know then general broad spectrum AB's used which don't always help.

On a positive note my third and fourth MSU's showed only thrush!!! good luck with GP. If they refuse to do MSU tell them that if you end up very ill you will hold them accountable!! (maybe a bit strong but .... am sure they will be lovely!!)

looneytune Mon 14-Jan-13 20:27:18

Oh you poor thing, thanks for the warning, I'll make sure I push for sure!! As I'd already been in hospital 3 times before last night and they test my urine when I go, I knew last Monday they'd come back with 'trace' and sent it off but it came back as nothing then. This was before I had any pain and I'd been drinking tons of water so not sure if watered down the sample. This is another reason I just wanted to check and tbh, I don't know what else would cause kidney pain, excessive thirst, frequent urinating and tender low down, just above pelvic area - to me this all = UTI! We'll see what tomorrow morning brings, thanks so much for the advice smile

Hoophopes Tue 15-Jan-13 11:50:30

How did you get on at the dr's?

looneytune Tue 15-Jan-13 16:10:32

Hi. I dropped a sample in this morning and waiting for duty Dr to call. I did a big note with it saying to send it to the lab regardless. Will let you know when I've heard back about the dip test.

looneytune Tue 15-Jan-13 18:08:34

Tested negative so been sent to the lab.

WidowWadman Tue 15-Jan-13 21:38:06

I had a negative dipstick test when I reported with excruciating back pain to triage at 30 weeks pregnant. Sent home with advice on posture. Less than 12 hours later I was admitted with hefty UTI requiring IV antibiotics being very very poorly.

Not sure whether it was a bad batch of tests, or whether those things just sometimes develop like that. Midwife who sent me home the night before was really shocked when I was admitted.

Fingers crossed you'll be ok.

looneytune Thu 17-Jan-13 19:12:02

Update: I'm back at the maternity ward (another bleed so had to come in) and they told me my urine test was negative from the lab so I've been sat waiting for the registrar as they don't understand why I've got these pains and my kidney pain is getting stronger. Honestly thoughtlab results would be positive!

Hoophopes Thu 17-Jan-13 19:59:17

Perhaps it is not a UTI, but another problem. sorry to hear this. Perhaps blood tests will give them more of a clue?

looneytune Thu 17-Jan-13 21:02:33

Back home now and they did say that it's possible I have one but they couldn't grow anything in the lab for some reason. 3 more tests done at the hospital but they agree that every symptom I have suggests a UTI but it's hard to know what to do. I'm going to try an see my GP tomorrow if possible.

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