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Australia leads way in tobacco ad ban

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sodofffuckface Sat 12-Jan-13 13:33:29

'If people continue to turn a blind eye to the dangers posed by smoking, they are putting themselves at real risk'

This weekend, Australia became the first country to strip all tobacco products of branding and replace them with graphic health warnings designed to reduce the number of tobacco-related deaths.

The new law means all cigarettes will now be sold in olive green packets containing graphic images warning of the consequences of smoking, legislation that organisers of Mouth Cancer Action Month believe should be enforced in the UK.

The news comes on the final day of the campaign (30 November), and is welcomed by chief executive of the British Dental Health Foundation, Dr Nigel Carter.

Dr Carter said: 'Any legislation designed to put people off smoking, particularly young people taking up the habit, is one the Foundation fully supports.

'These particular images are extremely graphic. If people continue to turn a blind eye to the dangers posed by smoking, they are putting themselves at real risk from a number of diseases and should see what damage smoking does.

'Tobacco use is one of the main contributing factors behind mouth cancer. More people will die of this disease than they will from cervical and testicular cancer combined.

'The Foundation has lobbied for plain packaging for a number of years, and it is encouraging to see it finally being put into practice. Now Australia has set the precedent, we look forward to the UK following suit once the consultation on this very topic is completed.'

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