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Persistent Thrush for over a year

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Willieverfeelnormal Fri 11-Jan-13 10:49:04

Ok here goes....I have had persistent Thrush for over a year now. It's not recurring (I.e goes away and comes back) its just there constantly. I do have the odd few days when things seem better and I've felt normal but then bang, the niggling and discharge starts again. There doesn't seem to be any link to my period either. I apparently have Candida Parapsilosis not your normal Candida albicans (typical). Anyway, my gp has attempted to clear it with fluconazole 1 every 3 days, 50mg daily for 2 weeks, 100mg daily for 1 week and no change. It gets slightly better when I start the treatment then just comes back again before I've finished the course. I've also tried canesten pessary and no change, my gp then gave me a weeks course of itraconazole 200mg twice daily, again got slightly better then came back before the week was out. So I'm now on a month long course of Itraconazole 100mg twice daily. I actually had 2 symptom free days, then discharge came back for 2 days then I had a further 4 symptom free days and now the discharge and discomfort is back again! I'm on day 12 of 30 with the medication and I have no idea what is going on down there. To top it off I had a pelvic floor repair (cystocele, rectocele and perineum repair) in August so this hasn't helped matters but I had the thrush before I had the surgery. I don't get the crazy itching but it does irritate the outside a little and I usually wipe away the discharge before it get the chance to come into contact with the outside bits blush. Here the tmi bit (sorry) My discharge can vary from thin and watery to so thick I have to scoop it out blushblush! I mostly get vaginal swelling and burning and there's also a heat in the outer area too.

Has anyone out there had the same problem? Or does anyone have any experiences of the month long treatment? I've tried the yoghurt, acidophilus, tea tree, bicarbonate of soda etc etc.

knackeredoutmum Sat 12-Jan-13 13:51:41

I had this continuously day and night for years but fortunately it is now under control. None of the medical treatments worked at all.

I cut out sugars including fruit, juice, cakes etc and also white bread for around 6 months (you will be able to introduce small amounts slowly, its not normally a permanent change)

I took 2 x biocare acidophilus forte (vvvexpensive) for a month and then one a day thereafter for 6 months

I used this inert food grade acidifying gel 3 or 4 times every day to correct the vaginal ph balance (alkaline environment encourages thrush, if your vagina is alkaline the gel will sting a little)

I also used these acidophilus pessaries several times a week.

Drink lots of water to help keep the cells of the vagina (where sugars collect and encourage the thrush) well hydrated

A drop or two of tea tree oil in the bath or on a pantie liner would help too.

It was costly but it has gone!!! if I eat lots of cake I will start to get symptoms the next day

Mylittlepuds Sat 12-Jan-13 14:43:41

Precisely - it's the sugar in the urine.

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