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DS has had severe sickness & Diarrhea for 4 days now!

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M2T Tue 13-Jan-04 10:05:54

Poor thing! He's only 2.7 yrs old. He has managed to keep some fluids down and half a banana last night. The sickness seems to have eased off, he hasn't thrown-up since lunchtime yesterday, but the other end is still in full flow!!!

DH has just phoned me at work after being at the Doctors and has been told he may have Dutch Flu' or Boomerang Flu???

Anyone heard of this???

Apparently just when you think they are finally getting over it it strikes again.

dinosaur Tue 13-Jan-04 10:32:27

Poor DS! That sounds grim. I do hope he gets over it soon.

Twinkie Tue 13-Jan-04 10:37:04

Children should not be left more then 36 hours if they are not keeping anything down - their bodies are so small that they dehydrate too quickly - we had this a few years ago with one of my friends little boys and he ended up in hospital and it took quite a long time for him to recover.

Doctors do seem to shrug it off though but the paeds nurse was disgusted that he had not been brought in beforehand.

I really hope your DS starts to pick up but if he starts throwing up again I would really make a fuss and demand the doctor see himand if needs be take him to casualty - sorry to alarm you but I am just going by the advice my friend was given at hospital.

M2T Tue 13-Jan-04 11:19:49

Twinkie - He has seen the GP. And the advice about 36 hours is only if they dehydrate, which is extremely dangerous for young children. He is managing to keep fluids down... so we are just avoiding food except banana. We have been told to give him bio yoghurt when we 'think' he'll be able to keep it down. He still hasn't been sick yet today and has taken a lot of fluids so he definitely isn't deydrated. DH is going to try the bio yoghurt after his nap. Fingerscrossed!

ks Tue 13-Jan-04 11:23:45

Message withdrawn

ks Tue 13-Jan-04 11:24:21

Message withdrawn

Twinkie Tue 13-Jan-04 11:25:01

OK - just wanted to be sure. XXX Glad he is feeling a bit better.

Festivefly Tue 13-Jan-04 11:30:34

Poor you M2T, lots of changing of sheets and disenfecting, and comforting, its hard work. I feel for you! Hope hes on the mend

StressyHead Tue 13-Jan-04 11:32:23

message withdrawn

M2T Tue 13-Jan-04 11:32:34

Thanks folks - DH just phoned. Ds has had his bio yoghurt and is now sleeping. He hasn't had any diarrhea yet today either!! Looking good! But if it does turn out to be Boomerang Flu' then this could be the calm before the next storm.

M2T Wed 14-Jan-04 16:19:18

Well he was sick again at 8pm last night and had a terrible nappy!

But today he has kept down:

1 Banana
Half a bowl of cereal
1 baby bell.

And he seems to have perked up. No dirty nappies yet so dunno whether he is any better or not.

dinosaur Wed 14-Jan-04 16:20:25

Hope he's on the mend now.

what's a baby bell, just out of interest?

LIZS Wed 14-Jan-04 16:25:53

tbh I would keep him off dairy products altogether until he has ben clear for 24 hours. Hope he feels better now

JanH Wed 14-Jan-04 16:29:40

dino, it's one of those little round red cheeses - there's a TV commercial at the moment with one flying around?

M2T Wed 14-Jan-04 16:30:08

Dino - Its that cheese that looks like a minature edam.

LIZS - I know what you mean, but he's been crying for one for days and I told him if he could eat a banana and not be sick then he would be okay to have a baby bel. If you'd seen his little gaunt face begging for one... He's kept that down too.
the bio yoghurt he had yesterday must be doing some good.

JanH Wed 14-Jan-04 16:32:00

Sorry, M2T, that feels like talking across you! Hope T continues to keep things down and that it isn't the dreaded boomerang.

M2T Thu 15-Jan-04 08:59:23

Well he seems to have recovered thankfully!! He is eating again and has kept everything down for more than 24hrs. Hopefully that is it now. He just looks so gaunt.... the wee soul. But he is at home today with Daddy and he sounded in high spirits when I phoned.

Thanks all for your advice.

oliveoil Thu 15-Jan-04 10:42:39

Good news!

PS Aren't you the one in the house that should be thowing up??

M2T Thu 15-Jan-04 10:50:41

lol OO! I know. I feel better now. Morning sickness has eased off. Just typical if I get this bug now!!! Next time ds is ill I'll send him to my Mums to be quarantined!

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