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Contact lenses

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Poledra Wed 09-Jan-13 15:11:30

I have a stronger prescription than yours, with astigmatism, and have worn GP lenses for over 20 years now grin I think you'll need to give them more time to settle down - casting my mind back over the eons, I seem to remember it taking a good while for my eyes to stop feeling like they had grit in them. It'll no doubt be quicker for you, as you are used to having a lens in there albeit a soft one. Persevere, grasshopper!

Footle Wed 09-Jan-13 15:00:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Ilovehotchoc Wed 09-Jan-13 13:18:23

Looking for some advice please! I wear soft contact lenses and have done since I was about 15, so 19 years or so. I've always got on well with them until now. I am very short sighted, my prescription is -10.5 in one eye and -11 in the other!

Recently I noticed some distortion in the sight of my left eye so I went for a check up and the optician said I have a slight astigmatism. She tried increasing the prescription in my left lens to see if that would correct it but it didn't so she said my only other option would be to try gas permeable lenses as they are better at correcting astigmatism due to their shape (?), and she said that most manufacturers don't produce soft toric lenses in my prescription (unless I went to an individual optician and paid megabucks to have them custom made).

Anyway I got the GP lenses yesterday and I am trying really hard to get used to them as they are very different to soft lenses. The right one seems to be settling down a bit now but the left one is uncomfortable and I haven't noticed a huge improvement in the astigmatism. Although my vision is crisper, it is still slightly distorted in the left eye. Am I being unrealistic to expect the astigmatism to be completely corrected or should I just give it more time to settle down? TIA.

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