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How long can they not feed my mum in hospital before i should worry?!

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Reenypip Mon 07-Jan-13 21:18:41

I would mention your concern. They should be checking bloods which can give an idea if she is deficient in anything.
They can give tpn through a vein for nutrition as a last resort rather than an ng/nj or tube in belly to stomach.
I would just raise the issue and ask what their plan is.
Get well soon to your mum.

Cookingupastorm Mon 07-Jan-13 15:44:06

Hello, Just to recap, my mum was admitted to intensive care on 1st Jan with severe pneumonia and a heart attack. She is now in high dependency on continuous cpap. she has an iv and an ng tube, but they have not fed her for 3 days now. The last feed via the tube was on icu on Friday. They were worried about a stomach bleed yesterday, but it turned out to be ok. She is quite swollen and they are concerned about aspiration but how long can it go on..she already had barely eaten for 5 days before admission. Any thoughts? Thanks.

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