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Adenoids removal as an Adult

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cowboylover Sun 13-Jan-13 23:48:54

Thanks for the reassurance. I will let you know how I get on.
Feeling better with only the little but removed after the biopsy so looking forward to it now.

Summersbee Mon 07-Jan-13 22:25:16

I had mine out as a child in Spain - I was tied up in a sheet. Then the doctor sat me on a nurse's knee, gave me a local anaesthetic, screwed my mouth open, put a bowl in front of me and yanked the adenoids out. Quick and effective but unforgettable ... But, suddenly I could hear so much better!
After so many years of frequently feeling blocked up, I now use a nasal spray called 'flixonase' which has been fantastic - I hope it continues working as I feel so liberated.
Good luck with this problem!

Cailleach Mon 07-Jan-13 21:57:58

I had mine out about six years ago: was well worth it, my nasal congestion eased hugely. Operation was a piece of cake; had very little pain afterwards and healed quickly.

cowboylover Sun 06-Jan-13 23:29:33

Wondering if anyone has any experience with it.

I have been having problems for years and finally saw a Dr who took me seriously and looked and apparently I have large adenoids which should not be there still now at my age and he wants to take then out.

Anyone else had this? I can see info on children but not adults.

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