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Lower back pain - what can I do up ease it?

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gingeroots Mon 07-Jan-13 20:17:26

That sounds rerally bad if you can't really walk Valentine !

Could you go and see an oesteopath ? I found them brilliant with my frozen shoulder .

irvingbackmanboxer Mon 07-Jan-13 17:02:53

Hi, seeing an Osteopath is a very effective way of treating all back problems. Osteopaths are fully medically trained so they are very capable dealing with pregnant or non-pregnant patients and I would expect you to feel better quite quickly after treatment (within a day or so ) and only need 2-3 treatments.
My personal website has some back care tips you might find helpful

MarilynValentine Mon 07-Jan-13 11:35:50

Hmm hope it's not SPD, someone I know had that during her pg and ended up on crutches, poor woman.

I think (well, I'm guessing/hoping) that the crampy/periody abdomen and leg ache is just early pg symptoms and the backache might be due to the relaxin currently flooding my system. I never had any back pain before giving birth and I am sorry to say I neglected getting my core strength back.

Btw thanks again gingerroots for your advice, I have been using that Alexander Technique 'active rest' pose and it has really helped.

Back is 10% better today - decompressed spine by laying in the active rest pose all evening (watching Dexter season 5 grin ) and slept on the floor. Still v painful though and can't really walk.

Would still love to hear of any other tips.

gingeroots Sun 06-Jan-13 11:34:17

Not quite the same Valentine - I don't get "periody cramps in lower abdomen/back/upper legs" .

Which now I've reread I feel you should go back to physio .

Not that resting on the floor will hurt you but're pregnant and although I know absolutely nothing about it ,it makes me wonder if it could be this because you mention pain in abdomen and legs .

Hope you get some help - there will be loads on MN who will know more .

MarilynValentine Sun 06-Jan-13 11:19:50

* so = do

MarilynValentine Sun 06-Jan-13 11:18:42

Thank you gingerroots I will check that out!

Thanks for your advice, so you also suffer with this sort of backache?

gingeroots Sun 06-Jan-13 10:29:42

Try googling supine rest ,Alexander Technique ,look at You Tube for examples and try that .

If you can afford Alexander Technique lessons ,even a few to teach you supine rest ( it's really not complicated but I'm the type of person who if it's possible to do something wrong ,I will ! ) that would help .

Remember that your head rests on your spine really high up ,just where your ears are . Try and release the neck ( just visualise it being soft ) and when you turn in bed move your head gently first so that it leads the way for your body .

MarilynValentine Sun 06-Jan-13 10:07:06

A few days ago my lower back became very sore: spasms of agonising pain when I turn over in bed or turn my head suddenly, and I can hardly walk.

When this has happened before (has happened a few times since I had my DS 16 months ago) I took diclophenic and within a couple of days the pain disappeared. But I can't take anything apart from paracetamol now because I'm in the early days of pregnancy!

Aaargh it's so painful and debilitating. Started out mildly and felt like periody cramps in lower abdomen/back/upper legs.

I went to a Physio yesterday which helped a lot to relax the surrounding muscles which had tensed up around the area of pain. But still so painful.

Am sleeping with pillow between my knees at night. Any other tips about how to ease this without anti-inflammatories would be SO appreciated.

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