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Dry January - a month off the booze - anyone want to join me?

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Doshusallie Tue 01-Jan-13 14:54:03

I am determined to do this - I drink most days, it's become a habit, just a glass or two, more at weekends, but really want to give myself an extended break.

The worst time of day for me is between 6-8 pm, before we eat. So am going to try and eat earlier and it would be great if I could come on here and get some support about that time of day!

does anybody want to have a dry January with me?

And yes I do have a hangover today grin

livingthedrama Wed 02-Jan-13 11:56:55

Hey I'm in! Finished off the last of the Christmas white last night so feeling pretty determined as I type. Yes, it's that 'kids finally in bed' moment for me... fizzy water doesn't quite hit the same spot! Gave up for 2 weeks before Xmas and felt fantastic so I know I'll feel better for a month off - it's the toss up between a cheery slightly tipsy evening and a fresh faced morning start... I just have to convince myself that the morning feeling is better than the night time boozy feeling...!

AngryFeet Wed 02-Jan-13 12:00:50

I'm definitely doing it. I ended up having half a dry December due to illness anyway. I drank too much last year and wanted to cut way back so starting with a dry month will help a lot smile

Whatdoiknowanyway Wed 02-Jan-13 12:04:48

I do this every year. Don't usually last the whole month but even 3 weeks helps. For me alcohol stops feeling like a treat over Christmas as there is so much of it about. I like to get back to appreciating what I'm drinking.

atosilis Wed 02-Jan-13 12:09:59

Yesterday was ok, it's January 12th when I'm meeting friends in London which will be a test. And every Friday night.

I've persuaded OH to do it with me (boy, he needs to) so it's a competition to not cave in first. All the alcohol has been removed from the house.

I must start taking a photo of myself every day, then compare Jan 31st to Jan 2nd. If there is no amazing difference, then fuckit, back to the alcohol. grin

ItLooksLikeRainDear Wed 02-Jan-13 12:16:54

I'll join in too! Although DH & I not had night out over Christmas (& we've been @ in-laws) so have baby sitter booked for fri for our Christmas night out so may have a drink then...

but you're right whatdo I'm sick of even looking at the stuff, & I've not had loads but almost every day has involved a glass of wine over Christmas.

If I do have a drink fri will do til at least 5th feb ... Hopefully.

Have u got any fitness DVDs dosh maybe you could do that after kids go to bed?

IslaMann Wed 02-Jan-13 12:21:38

I've also signed up for Dryathalon. I'm more likely to stick to it as I've pledged money to Cancer Research. I have a night out in London planned for the 14th, so will pay a £15 forfeit if I cave in and have a glass of wine with dinner.

gazzalw Wed 02-Jan-13 12:36:28

Yes, we're going to try too although I think I'm more likely to cave in than DW has a steely resolve if she puts her mind to it! I think over Christmas it does rather seem as if you're poisoning yourself with alcohol and that's not even with really over-doing it.....

DW is hoping that giving up wine for a month might lose her some pounds of flesh too!

gazzalw Wed 02-Jan-13 12:37:25

Agree that it's when you sit down in the evening that you are more likely to want a drink. DW's solution is to take up some type of craft activity which keeps her obsessively occupied!

noddyholder Wed 02-Jan-13 12:37:38

I'm in!

Almostfifty Wed 02-Jan-13 12:40:20

We do it every year, lose the weight we've put on over Christmas and then some more.

We don't get rid of any of the booze, we have wine and beer in the fridge but just ignore it.

LulaPalooza Wed 02-Jan-13 12:51:58

I'm in until 18 January, when we go away for 3 weeks. I don't have enough willpower not to drink when visiting the in-laws (lovely people, all heavy drinkers).

Then when we get back it's my birthday... but after that I am giving up booze and fags for the foreseeable. Hopefully.

Doshusallie Wed 02-Jan-13 13:58:34

Morning all abstainers. Day 2 indeed. Still have banging headache from NYE so today should be easy too.

My problem days will be Thursday nights, Friday nights, Saturday nights, what am I talking about, every night. Will get a load of slimline tonic in, it does actually taste near enough to gin & slim. And some fizzy water too [adds to ever growing shopping list].

Exercise DVDs unlikely for me in the evening as go to the gym 2-3 times a week - I will just eat earlier I think, never ever drink after eating evening meal, weird eh???

I think once I have got over this first weekend it will be easier as I will be used to it. DH also doing it and it will be a competition here too......

weegiemum Wed 02-Jan-13 14:02:03

I'll join.


(Jan 2 is a public holiday in Scotland!!)

But yes, drank waaaay too much in December (my birthday then Christmas then our wedding anniversary!).

I'm sure an abstemious month would kick start the weight loss again (I've got 2 stone left to lose after losing 7 last year) and just be generally virtuouus!

noddyholder Wed 02-Jan-13 14:04:19

I am fine as long as I don't go out! Am happy with water and tea etc at home. Meeting friend for lunch tomorrow and she is a BIG drinker so will have to be on my best behaviour but tbh I don't find it that hard its just habit. Feeling and looking better makes it easy

Sugarice Wed 02-Jan-13 14:10:21

I rarely drink after an evening meal either , yes it is weird! grin.

Our drinking pattern is usually around 5 - 7.30, possibly as late as 8 which is due to Christmas.

AngryFeet Wed 02-Jan-13 14:12:10

I have one social thing on 12th Jan (well actually 2 birthdays in one night both about 10 miles apart so I thought I could drive and use that as an excuse). Typically one is fancy dress so I will be sober and dressed as a crocodile.

tinkerx5 Wed 02-Jan-13 14:29:32

My trigger can sometimes be this time too. Most of the time though, it is once my youngest is safely tucked up in bed, and the TV goes on to what the grown ups of the house are watching. Tuffinmop has an excellent suggestion!smile I find that soon after doing a class or an activity where I was intending to burn calories off and feel the 'burn' afterwards, I find it a LOT harder to eat or drink anything that might contribute to them going back in right away! One short fix of burning calories a day, fuelling the willpower to refuse 'that glass'! Sounds good to me! My mini stepper is going in the kitchen! I'm going to struggle with this at weekends everyone - but it is worth a go - count me in!wink

jen127 Wed 02-Jan-13 14:34:14

I can't join till Monday as I have friends visiting that I see but once a year! Then I am on it till around February 7th which is about a month! Unless i can think of any more excuses !

EmsieC Wed 02-Jan-13 14:37:23

If you are going dry this Jan and want a bit of support / company you could head over to the Dry January Facebook or Twitter page, lots of people talking about how they're getting on..

Lottapianos Wed 02-Jan-13 14:39:55

I'm doing it too. It's DP's birthday on 25 Jan so will do it until then at least. I didn't have a drink for 3 weeks in December because of being on medication and I felt great - trimmer and clearer skin and more energy. It's amazing how much more you can accomplish when you're not drinking. Did some moderate boozing over Christmas but looking forward to another break from it now.

I'm going to Sainsbury's on Friday to get some nice soft drinks and juices and herbal teas in grin

foofooyeah Wed 02-Jan-13 14:49:41

Im doing it - very partial to a drink. Felt groggy all day yesterday due to excessive cocktailing on NYE. We always have a family get together on the 12th Jan but am determined to stick to it, and not join in the general lushyness.

I have half a bottle of white in the fridge which will start calling ny name soon - cant throw it away so will give it my sister.

Doshusallie Wed 02-Jan-13 15:36:13

I've just poured away half a bottle of Chardonnay. Can't quite bring myself to do the half bottle of sauvignon blanc but will have to eventually.

Sugarice Wed 02-Jan-13 19:51:59

Massive apologiessad I've choked literally.

Baked a lovely piece of fish[with bones] but thought nothing of it.

Swallowed a massive bone in my throat laughing and it being hot . I stayed calm but was a bit nervy and gulped dh's wine as it was across the table from me.

Ended up retching up the bone but having wine now .

Please dont judge.Will start tomorrow :smile

NuclearStandoff Wed 02-Jan-13 19:56:26

We are doing this.

I started today (we had friends staying yesterday) and DH is polishing off 1/4 bottle of wine leftover tonight and starting tomorrow.

Although he has asked for dispensation when he's abroad for work later in month...

KellyEllyChristmasBelly Wed 02-Jan-13 19:56:57

Yes, I'm doing this. Drank far too much over Xmas. One day my kidneys hurt and that was a decider!

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