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Dry January - a month off the booze - anyone want to join me?

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Doshusallie Tue 01-Jan-13 14:54:03

I am determined to do this - I drink most days, it's become a habit, just a glass or two, more at weekends, but really want to give myself an extended break.

The worst time of day for me is between 6-8 pm, before we eat. So am going to try and eat earlier and it would be great if I could come on here and get some support about that time of day!

does anybody want to have a dry January with me?

And yes I do have a hangover today grin

Snowkey Mon 21-Jan-13 11:25:05

That does sound nice Twinkle, must admit a glass of wine would have gone down very well after a day of sledging.

Snowkey - thanks for the diet tips. I have been reading the low carbing/5:2 threads with interest. I ran a half marathon yesterday so could not contemplate intermittent fasting/low carbing as I got ready for that, but I could have a go now. Unfortunately I have just tucked into a bowl of instant porridge for breakfast - maybe I'll read up on it some more today, and start tomorrow.

My danger point will be the end of the month when DH and I are under the same roof again. As it will be a new roof, I've said I'll break my January fast on 2 Feb with a glass of fizz when we are together again in the new house smile. I would like to only drink at the weekends, but when we are together there is always a bottle of wine on the go and it's so easy for one glass to turn into more.

spudmasher Mon 21-Jan-13 17:36:52

Thanks for the well done's everyone! I feel proper proud of myself!
Twinkle, add on an extra day to rub out the snow wine!
One more weekend to get through though I think I'll never drink as much as I did before. I feel so much better!
Hang on in there everyone!

Bearcat Mon 21-Jan-13 17:55:02

For some reason, yesterday and Saturday were the hardest evenings so far. Kept saying to DH that I could just do with a glass of wine, no one but ourselves will know.
Knew I was just kidding though, because we're determined to do it.
Haven't lost any weight though and not sure skin looks any better.

rubberglove Mon 21-Jan-13 18:30:38

Twinklestar I caved in too. On saturday we had friends for dinner. The strange thing is that I didn't even drink that much, but I felt awful the next day. That was literally my first drop of alcohol since the 1st and I think my tolerance is way down.

Well I will still do it until the end of January, which will mean only one night drinking in a whole month. I will still be proud of myself. I am only a weekend drinker, but it has broken the habit of ploughing through two bottles of wine every weekend.

I thought I couldn't tell the difference to my health, but this morning I felt bloated and tired. I realise I have been feeling better.

twinklestar2 Mon 21-Jan-13 23:35:19

I've decidd that after this I'm going to drink very rarely and only have 2 glasses of wine max when I do drink.

Now if only I could cut out my one ciggy a day....

twinklestar2 - that one ciggy must be habit rather than addiction. I remember reading once that you had to smoke at least 6 a day to have a physical addiction, and trying to cut down to below 6 in order to wean myself off them (it didn't work, I had to go cold turkey in the end).

twinklestar2 Tue 22-Jan-13 09:10:10

Yes it's def a habit I really should stop. But with ttc I'm giving up everything practically! But I suppose the ciggy is the most harmful!

Matildaduck Tue 22-Jan-13 12:58:27

Nine days to do...single figures now.

Not many of us left :-)

rubberglove Tue 22-Jan-13 16:26:02

Oh didn't realise only those who have strictly stuck to this are still included.

Sorry shall bugger off! I feel like I failed...

gazzalw Tue 22-Jan-13 16:44:03

Come back rubberglove....!

I think we've all found it difficult - DW and I are having a bit of a competition which is what is keeping us on the wagon!

But I've applied for the Blossom Hill low alcoholic wine testing as I think we'll more than deserve it by the time February 1st rolls on....

gazzalw Tue 22-Jan-13 16:53:22

Come back rubberglove....!

I think we've all found it difficult - DW and I are having a bit of a competition which is what is keeping us on the wagon!

But I've applied for the Blossom Hill low alcoholic wine testing as I think we'll more than deserve it by the time February 1st rolls on....

Matildaduck Tue 22-Jan-13 17:08:53

I think you need to lighten up rubber glove, no one said your not included....

Just that not many people are left..< the truth> which show how hard it is.

rubberglove Tue 22-Jan-13 17:21:40

Your wording was a little exclusive though wasn't it?

complexnumber Tue 22-Jan-13 17:29:02

I'm still here! Though I started a lot later than most of you.

I don't feel like I have broken the habit, I still have times when a pint would just hit the spot.

But, as was said above, I do feel much better in the mornings, tbh I didn't realise that I was feeling bad before, I just thought that what I was feeling was usual!

TWinklyLittleStar Tue 22-Jan-13 17:40:49

rubberglove I took that to mean not many left posting, as there's not many left posting.

I'm still here, mainly lurking. I won't be drinking in February or March probably. I've had a horrific few days, DMIL was very ill and we had to move in with DFIL to keep an eye on him (as he has alzheimers); there's loads of wine in their house and I would have loved a glass, so if I can resist under those circumstances and my friends birthday dinner Saturday coming, I'll be set.

Matildaduck Tue 22-Jan-13 18:42:16

No your just a bit sensitive!

Hope that she gets better twinkly.

twinklestar2 Tue 22-Jan-13 20:16:00

Rubber I haven't stuck to it strictly and I'm still posting. It really wasn't meant like that.

spudmasher Tue 22-Jan-13 20:21:28

And I fell off the wagon in week 1!!!!!
Come back rubberglove.

tuffinmop Tue 22-Jan-13 20:44:07

I'm still here and on the wagon but am bored silly with it to be honest!! I have had a lot of time to think about stuff and realise I use alcohol to escape. Have lots more thinking to do but this break has given me clarity. I also realise I am a hedenist at heart and love wine!
Well done to all of us whether you've cut down, had the odd slip or been completely dry. I shall raise a glass to you all on the 1st grin

Snowkey Tue 22-Jan-13 20:45:37

Still here - getting slightly over focused on next Friday now though...I need a glass of wine, the novelty has gone, the weight has gone and now I want my wine back!

Doshusallie Tue 22-Jan-13 21:00:35

You are all amazing and I take my hat off to you. I lasted for 10 days. Give yourselves a huge pat on the back.

glitch Tue 22-Jan-13 21:24:56

Dosh! What happened?
Still here until the bitter end too. After last weekend, the rest of it will be a doddle. I have even agreed to drive when I go out on Friday to stop me being tempted (and so close to Feb I would have been!).
I feel better for not drinking, my head is so much fresher in the morning, I have stopped using wine as a buffer into the evening and my skin definitely looks clearer.
Well done everyone who is keeping going (slip ups or not).

TWinklyLittleStar Tue 22-Jan-13 21:35:59

Jealous! My skin looks like shite after the stress of the last few days, and the in laws weird heaters drying it out!

Matildaduck Tue 22-Jan-13 21:45:40

Dosh...your back ...was it because your husband crumbled? Mine doesn't drink much ( maybe two beers all month) makes it much easier..that and we never go out :-)

I also have a count down on the calander!

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