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Diabetic droop!

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Lovemynailstoday Sun 30-Dec-12 15:05:57

Sorry--similar problems here. ED is a well recognised problem for diabetic men. Infection/circumcision issue probably a side issue. Viagra type pills do work and are free on prescription for diabetics.

bubblybottom Sun 30-Dec-12 14:30:26

Will make this as short as possible.
Me 45, with 3 kids. Divorced and have kids on my own most of the time.
New boyfriend is 39, with 1 child of own and 1 inherited from exW.

She is an alcoholic and he has full custody of both. We have been together since April. Our youngest are best friends at school. That is how we met.

Get on great as a couple. Kids all get on great most of the time(ages 16,13, 8 6&6) he is a bit of a control freak and neat freak. I am laid back and a bit of a doormat really.

He is diabetic and going thru all sorts of tests at the moment as it is pretty much uncontrolled. He intends to go on a health kick in the new year, but doesn't really respect his health too much. He is on A/D s. his court case for debt and access are still ongoing.

In the bedroom things are brilliant in some areas but pretty awful in others. I have never been able to orgasm with penetration or stimulation, just by vibrator, and I know this really frustrates him(and me!) he tries for so long and it just doesn't happen.

He has no problems getting hard, and he is very responsive to oral and stays hard throughout, but goes soft on penetration. This something we haven't talked about!!! He does cum inside me but it takes a lot of doing. Sometimes he isn't hard enough to penetrate me at all.
He has been to the doctor this week for other things and happened to mention a sore willy. It would appear he has a bit of a fungal infection. They talked about the possibility of circumcision if it happens again. Is that likely to make his erections harder and longer lasting?
Sorry if too much info but he cringes if I mention anything.
Many thanks

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