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Mooncup help, please...

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OneTwoOrThree Sat 29-Dec-12 20:36:32

I bought a mooncup yonks ago, but never really used it. AF has now returned following the birth of DC2 (now 8 months) and I'm keen to use my mooncup. I've tried today, but seem to have a few problems... Would appreciate your advice ladies.

My mooncup is the smaller size, however I am over 30 and have had two vaginal births. I know they advise the bigger size, but wondered if anyone had used the smaller size and got on ok with it?

Now for the issue.... I'm not sure I'm putting it in far enough. The bottom of the cup (with the stalk completely trimmed down) is still quite low, and the cup feels a bit uncomfortable when i'm wearing it. However, I can't seem to insert it any higher. How far 'up' should it be? Any hints on how to get rid of this discomfort?

ProudAS Sat 29-Dec-12 21:24:29

I reckon you need the next size up. I don't have kids and am on the larger size.

They do sit low in the vagina but you shouldn't be able to feel it once its in position (mine pops into place a few seconds after I've inserted it). They can be a bit of a pain in public loos but I much prefer mine to pads.

There's an email helpline on the mooncup site.

OneTwoOrThree Sat 29-Dec-12 21:53:20

Thanks... I think you're right, so have just ordered the larger size on amazon. Roll on next month!

I did start to wonder if it was slipping down somehow. When I had it in earlier the seal was ok, but it was very uncomfortable and I was aware of it all the time. I also ached a bit (quite low down) after it was removed.

I took a break for a few hours and reinserted tonight. I can't feel it, which is much better, but instead I think the seal isn't strong enough as I feel like I'm leaking round the sides (not full flow, just a bit).

Diagnosis - mooncup too small! Hardly surpising giving I've got the wrong size.

Hopefully I'll not be back next month with more problems, as I really want to love my mooncup. Even with an ill fitting one, I already feel cleaner and less smelly.

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