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Today's experience of LLETZ

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oolaroola Fri 04-Jan-13 12:23:41

So, had the dreaded colposcopy yesterday and would agree with Legarmpits, is not so bad. Not pleasant but yes I've had worse at the dentists. the worst bit for me was the speculum because I'm a bit sore in that area at the mo.
It was all pretty quick though so that was good and the nurses were lovely.
the Dr reckoned the cells were at cin 2 but only a small area so she did the lletz as if she'd done a biopsy it wouldn't have left much behind.
The anaesthetic injection wasn't too bad and would go along with the Lego brick analogy - I stepped on a play mobile horse the other day and that was defo worse!
so they removed a piece about the size of a hazelnut I'd say and what I didn't realise is that the cervix regenerates and grows back - how cool is that?!
so am a bit sore today, but a wee brandy when I got home helped, and I haven't needed any pain killers.
So, now the wait for the results. About 2-3 weeks but she said what she's expecting is cin 2 with all removed, so then a smear in 6 months which hopefully should be clear.
Am very relieved, needless to say, the worry was awful and worse than the actual procedure.
Will post my results when they come through as I haven't found many stories on t'internet that follow through and hopefully it might help put other women's minds at ease.

digerd Thu 03-Jan-13 11:54:17

Cancer screening is so important, Leg, as early diagnosis in most cancers is the only way it is survivable.
The bowel cancer screening is only from 60 year-olds -74<?> and every 2 years. The smear stops after 65.
You have the right to refuse a screening, but my friend's DH had his life saved by a positive result from the screening, and no chemo needed as had not spread.
It is your choice though.
Good luck with your results.

LegArmpits Thu 03-Jan-13 09:14:50

I'll be honest, NEVER will I be screened for anything again, apart from this unfortunate roundabout I've fallen on. Informed consent, who knew?

digerd Tue 01-Jan-13 16:21:49

It was 30 years ago, when I had the op, and < in those days had complete faith in their diagnosis>, and they were right as am still here.
Strange how well people are looked after now we are old - just got a bowel screening cancer notification, that saved the life of my friend's DH, but the 40+ neighbour died of it this year as he was too young to be screened ??

oolaroola Mon 31-Dec-12 12:16:28

Oh and Happy New Year. All that celebratory stuff has kinda passed me by.

oolaroola Mon 31-Dec-12 09:34:13

Yes I totally know what you mean about google and people not following up on good results, I drew that conclusion too.
Am feeling a bit better today, I got the dreaded letter 3 days ago. You are right it's a nightmare. Apparently mine is moderate dyskaryosis according to the smear, but I went to the dr with what was a suspected yeast infection that doesn't seem to have cleared. I also get pain during sex and have for a long time (should probly have got that checked earlier) but it was off and on since my 1 st baby and my priorities have been a bit squiffy if you know what I mean.
At least since having two babies I' m not embarrassed about getting my bits out anymore, although could well do without yet another examination. Anyway those other symtoms have convinced my paranoid self that there is something 'wrong' but am trying to keep a cool head most of the time.
Will let you know how it goes and yes, holding hands would be very helpful, Thankyou. Good luck with your results and hope the waiting gets easier..

LegArmpits Sun 30-Dec-12 11:36:19

It doesn't help that they seemingly don't know their arses from their elbows. I had a mild result, left it a year, went for Colposcopy and he couldn't see anything so didn't bother with a biopsy, just another smear, which came back severe. Then at my treatment, she said it looked healthy, then found some areas to treat and said it looked low grade. So, you know. Reassuring, hey. hmm

LegArmpits Sun 30-Dec-12 11:33:38

Hey Ool, it's a bloody nightmare innit? My absolute worst one. But if you can take some comfort from (if nothing else) the procedure itself being easy - and I still stand by that - please do. I totally agree that it's the waiting that's worse. I'm dreading finding out the results, even though she said all looked fine and was straight forward. Google is not your friend, I'm guessing because people with positive stories follow them up less than the poor sods with scarier outcomes. It's so hard living with the uncertainty.

Let's hold hands, huh?

oolaroola Sat 29-Dec-12 14:40:12

I think I am having this on 4th jan. I have a colposcopy booked and have had a letter saying there is moderate dakaryosis (spelt wrong), so that is a reassuring post Leg. Am dreading what they might find.
Digerd, that sounds awful for you, much sympathy..
I am dreading the procedure, but dreading the wait for results more. I didn't see your thread when I started my own about abnormal smear result, was really expecting a clear result so...

digerd Fri 28-Dec-12 10:20:35

I was told it was so bad I would probably need a hysterectomy. The waiting was awful. When I was told no hysterectomy was needed, The relief was overwhelming as that is the only thing that I was worried about as wanted TTC. I had mine done 30 years ago and was scapled, not looped, and they bodged it and made me infertile < Sad face>. The modern way is so much better and safer.
Good luck

LegArmpits Thu 27-Dec-12 19:50:46

I posted a thread at the end of November in utter terror at the thought of a scheduled LLETZ. Literally, I cannot imagine a more terrified person. Somehow got on with Christmas, day arrived today.

I went on my own as didn't want DH to have to bring the DC into hosp, and didn't want to tell anyone else. I fibbed that he was waiting in the car.

Anyway, I'm posting this to hopefully reassure anyone who is as terrified as I was. Lots of you helped me, you really did. The treatment really was a piece of piss. I've had worse dental appointments. The fantastic nurse explained everything first, they knew I was nervous and couldn't have been nicer. There was a very vague twinge with the anaesthetic but really, really, it's far more pleasant than say, stepping on a Lego brick. smile

She took quite a lot away to be sure it was done with, I felt a bit of pressure and a twinge or two but it was entirely bearable and over so quickly.

My main worry now is waiting for confirmation results obviously, but she didn't seem at all concerned and said it seemed like low grade, despite smear being severe.

I've taken it easy all day, did down a large whiskey when I came home (I drove home and was fine) and had a snooze. DH has been brilliant. Had a few twinges a few hours after, but nothing paracetamol didn't sort out. Very little discharge so far and no real discomfort now.

Turns out that the worst bit of it all is the fear of the unknown, and the waiting for results.

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