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Flying back into the UK with Malaria

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pollyspantry Thu 27-Dec-12 19:00:57

DH has been taken ill with malaria in Nigeria on business. He's been there for around 2 weeks. Started to feel the symptoms about 4 days ago but foolishly 'pushed through'. He is being sent home tomorrow - likely to arrive early hours of Saturday morning. He has been taking anti-malarials the whole time, and has been given some more of a different type by local doctor to combat his symptoms. No bloods have been taken to determine which strain.

Kids both screaming at me right now, so not quiet enough to hold proper conversation with NHS Direct (which I will do in a few hours when it is quiet) but just wondered if anyone in the know could advise before then as I'm worrying...

Should I take him straight to A&E on arrival at Heathrow?
Or to a specialist tropical diseases centre?
Or just the local GP for an emergency appointment and blood test (assuming treatment is just another prescription?)

I'm trying to work out whether i should be panicking (having seen some real horror stories via google) or whether a GP appt is more appropriate. DH will not be impressed with hospital visit as he is one of those men who thinks a Lemsip will sort him out, nothing else required. Will have to simply drive him there and apply force if necessary. Thanks in advance for any opinions.

Looster Sun 30-Dec-12 01:47:09

I caught falciparum malaria in Ghana and flew back in similar circumstances (BA upgraded me to 1st class btw from economy because i'd been ill!)

If the hospital in Nigeria tested his blood too see what type of malaria he had, the drugs prescribed to treat the malaria should have been specifically targeted. If that is the case (that he had a blood test), then the meds he have should be effective. But if he was not so tested, he should go to the trop med hospital more quickly. The fevers come in cycles so you can think it has gone when it hasn't. My malaria was correctly diagnosed (eventually) in Ghana (by blood test) and although I did get referred by my local hospital to the hospital for tropical medicine, I didn't need any further anti-malarials. Had some hefty amounts of drugs for the giardia and dysentery that I had come back with though - so likely they will refer him for a full screen.

Your poor DH - it is truly quite horrible but such a relief when it goes. Depending on the type/stage, it can leave you quite weak for a while. Hope he gets better soon

Looster Sun 30-Dec-12 01:51:15

Oh so sorry, just reread your original post - no bloods taken in Nigeria...sounds like you are doing the best thing getting him to A&E. Btw, the A&E nr Heathrow were good when I flew in with malaria - I was transferred there from the plane by ambulance. Hope all works out for you

Astelia Sun 30-Dec-12 02:04:18

Good advice there about the car. Hope your DH is in good hands and is comfortable.

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