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Has anyone had a blood clot on lung during pregnancy?

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Reenypip Thu 27-Dec-12 17:18:19

Anyone had a blood clot on lung in pregnancy?

I know pregnancy increases the risk of blood clots, and so does reduced mobility. (I'm a wheelchair user due to spinal injury)
I also have asthma. I'm not even that big at the moment, but my chest is tight very often, and get out of breathe very easily. I have had a bug for a couple of weeks that not helping my chest too. I coughed up blood too. I'm quite positive it was from chest and not stomach.
My coughing isn't that frequent and bad
. I just had a huge deep cough and it came up.

I did have clexane injections with my first pregnancy to decrease risk.
This year I've also had 3 operations (which can increase the risk of blood clots). I have a heart moniter next week too to try catch my heart palpitating. (I had heart problems in first pregnancy during delivery c section )

If you've had a blood clot on lung how were you diagnosed and what were your symptoms?

I get out of breath just talking.

3littlefrogs Thu 27-Dec-12 17:22:09

You need to go to A&E now.

You are at very high risk. Please just go now, if necessary call 999.

3littlefrogs Thu 27-Dec-12 17:27:55

If you are not on clexane now, you should be. If you haven't been on it, you might well have a clot. Don't waste time posting on here.

SimLondon Thu 27-Dec-12 23:40:56

Coughing up blood means you need anti-biotics asap, get to a&e or call your out of hours gp service.

Tinkerisdead Thu 27-Dec-12 23:51:24

You need to call out of hours or go to a&e.

Antibiotics will do nothing for a blood clot. You have a lot of risk factors and if you do indeed have a clot, sitting there deliberating is frankly dangerous.

I had multiple embolisms once my dd was born. Diagnosed 5 days later but looking back i think it was in pregnancy as i just kept on and on at dh that i just could not breathe.

Once dd was delivered my symptoms ramped up. Mega chest pain, so bad i couldnt take a full lung full of air i just did rapid shallow breaths as it hurt so much. Thats the pleuretic type pain. After that i had unbelievable crushing pain in my chest. I couldnt exert that much pressure on my chest again even if i got dh to sit on me!

Its my understanding its quite easy to treat in pregnancy etc. when i got diagnosed i couldnt breastfeed my five day old baby for 24 hours as i had to have a ct scan. I had to pump and feed 18 hours before to build up milk. In pregnancy you could go straight thro. Pleae please get checked out now.

Northernlebkuchen Fri 28-Dec-12 00:03:24

I know somebody who had a PE in pregnancy. Her baby was delivered early because of it and she herself was in intensive care. When the baby was only a couple of days old her dh got the call to go in to hospital in the middle of the night as they thought they were losing her. Thankfully both mum and baby made it through but it was close.
DO NOT muck around with this. Straight to A&E please. YOu're at high risk and you clearly have some nasty things going on with your lungs.

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