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Should I seek help for this now...

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boysarelikehogs Tue 25-Dec-12 14:25:06

Or wait until 27th? I was diagnosed with a 'severe chest infection' last Wednesday and have been on 500 x 3 daily amoxicillin. Gp said cons back for chest x rays if no better.

Been much better til yesterday. I now can't stop coughing, keep coming over freezing/boiling, feel a bit 'flu-ey' (on and off, taking ibu) and feel really chesty.

I'm not prone to chest things so don't know how serious to take it. The cough is awful!

I don't want to sit around with pneumonia for 2 days but if its just a cough I don't want to spend Xmas in a walk in centre. Any advice please please?

Happy Christmas!!

boysarelikehogs Tue 25-Dec-12 14:28:55

I also have cold-y symptoms, which cleared up about a week ago; they've returned (sneezing, runny nose (clear stuff)).

ILikeToHoHoHo Tue 25-Dec-12 14:32:36

The swinging temperature would make me think that there is an infection. Give the OOH a call. I hope you feel better soon x

boysarelikehogs Tue 25-Dec-12 14:36:19

Thank you, feeling ok now but could be the ibu? I know no one can tell me, I just desperately don't want to sit in drs and ruin my DCs Xmas unnecessarily


Elibean Tue 25-Dec-12 18:14:20

Have you taken your temp? I wouldn't worry about feeling hot/cold unless the thermometer agrees its a fever - tbh, I get 'coldy' feelings like that with no or just low fever, so never know unless I have a thermometer!

There are some horrible snot-related coughs which aren't of the dangerous sort, but equally there are infections that can creep up on one - pneumonia being one. If you feel awful, or know you have a fever again after having felt better, I would go to OOH anyway. A couple of hours there will not ruin anyone's Xmas, and could make a big difference in the long run...

Hope you feel better soon, either way smile

BellsaRinging Tue 25-Dec-12 18:21:26

i had this but with the temp before the anti b's. the temp continued for at least 3 days after starting the meds. at times during the day i'd feel ok and then relapse with a really high temp. just had last pill and feeling much better but it's taken ages and still not 100%. think it's one you have to wait out with lots of rest and fluids.

boysarelikehogs Tue 25-Dec-12 19:11:11

Thanks, just been to ooh service and been prescribed super strong ab's in place of my current ones. High temp but chest is clear. Hopefully tomorrow may be salvageable...

Thank you for your advice.

Elibean Tue 25-Dec-12 20:21:37

Poor you, sounds very flu-like sad

Well done for dragging yourself to OOH - glad you did, and hope the ABs, or just time, work fast!

boysarelikehogs Wed 26-Dec-12 03:09:05


Yes, flu I think. Yuk.

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