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Alopecia and wigs

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laptopcomputer Thu 20-Dec-12 19:51:06

My hair is falling out... Last winter I had horrific eczema, caused I think by something in an SLS free body wash/shampoo I was using. It took months for me to work out what it was and it to then settle down. Skin is now fine but my whole body including my scalp was incredibly inflamed, infected and irritated for probably about 6 months. The last few weeks my hair has been falling out in the areas where I noticed the most inflammation a few months ago, mainly at the front. From what I have read online about alopecia this sounds fairly standard. I am not worried about it too much, I have had a few small patches of alopecia in times of stress before in my life and am sure it will grow back eventually (hopeful!)

But, because of where it is, it is going to become very hard to disguise fairly soon at this rate. I am open to wigs - has anyone got one? All advice gratefully received. I work outdoors quite a lot of the time, how resilient are they to wind etc?

Also, should I see a GP anyway? My health seems otherwise very good. My relationship is not good but I am sorting that out so it is not causing me great tress at the moment. The whole medical profession was so bloody useless with my skin/allergic thing that I really don't want to see one unless absolutely necessary...

laptopcomputer Thu 20-Dec-12 21:28:18


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