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Help please-severe uti

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ariane5 Wed 19-Dec-12 20:24:48

Felt a bit off colour at weekend but didn't think anything of it.

Monday had the feeling of needing to wee a lot, again (stupidly) thought nothing of it.By mon evening had a bit of stinging so started drinking more as thought it may be a uti.

Yesterday morning the pain was so sever went to gp, back pain,abdo pain, burning, stinging and feeling awful.sample was full of white bld cells and very positive for infection, the nurse prescribed trimethoprim 200mg twice daily, by this after noon I felt much much worse so went back to gp my pulse rate was up, I felt shivering and the pain in bladder, tummy and back dipped todays sample it was worse than yest despite the fact I've drunk loads and taken anti bs.

She changed me to cefalexin 500mg 3 times a day but said they can't be sure its correct anti b untill sample results from tues sample are back from hospital.

I am terrified and in agony, urine is now dark pink (blood I presume?) And my back hurts and bladder pain awful.what if again its the wrong antibiotic.I feel dreadful and frightened.

What shall I do ?

LunaticFringe Wed 19-Dec-12 20:30:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ariane5 Wed 19-Dec-12 20:45:44

Could a kidney infection be serious? Or would the cefalexin sort it out-I feel really dreadful,almost at the point of taking myself to hospital (but can't as ds2 ebf and has awful cold so I need to be with him he's 7m).

I have never experienced pain like this and I've had 4 caesareans, first one after being in labour for 4 days and this pain is worse I am beside myself nurofen and paracetamol don't even touch it.

ariane5 Wed 19-Dec-12 21:00:53

Could a kidney infection be serious? Or would the cefalexin sort it out-I feel really dreadful,almost at the point of taking myself to hospital (but can't as ds2 ebf and has awful cold so I need to be with him he's 7m).

I have never experienced pain like this and I've had 4 caesareans, first one after being in labour for 4 days and this pain is worse I am beside myself nurofen and paracetamol don't even touch it.

TheWombat Wed 19-Dec-12 21:06:56

It sounds like a kidney infection - agree, worst pain I've ever known. Poor you sad
If I was you I'd go to A&E, it sounds like you need proper pain control at least. How old is DS2, can you take him along? Is there anyone who can help you out?

ariane5 Wed 19-Dec-12 21:59:11

Ds2 is 7mths old, he is bf and has a really bad cold so wants to be fed constantly.he has a milk allergy so couldn't even have formula and I doubt the hospital would let him stay with me on a+e?

I have 3 other dcs(11,5,3) my mum could sit with them as all asleep.I'm waiting for nhs direct to phone me back.I'm very alarmed at how red my urine is I hope that is not a very bad sign sad

TheWombat Wed 19-Dec-12 22:20:43

You poor thing. Glad NHS direct is calling back. Kidney infections can be nasty and do require treatment quickly. As well as the pain / blood, do you feel nauseous or feverish? I'm prone to kidney infections that get nasty very fast and these are signs - for me - that I need to head to A & E. But not everyone gets like that so take heart.

How many of the new tablets have you taken? Can you use a hot water bottle to help with the pain?
Would it be an idea to let your mum know, it might help to have someone aware how poorly you're feeling.
Un-MN hugs x

ariane5 Wed 19-Dec-12 23:04:08

Thankyou, I have had 2 of the cefalexin tablets, had started the others yeasterday but gp stopped them as I'd got so much worse.

I really hate being so ill I feel dreadful sad

alisarah Wed 19-Dec-12 23:13:44

Are you drinking a lot of cranberry juice? This really helps with symptoms but can also make your urine red if you have loads.. also, drinking extreme amounts of fluid will make you shivers... see doctor; sympathize.

Also a hot water bottle over your bladder/kidney area, will help with pain relief somewhat.

Ameybee Wed 19-Dec-12 23:23:46

I had exactly same and cephalexin worked, you will know in 24 hours if improving - if no improvement go back. It worked v quick for me. And yep loads of fluids, at least if you can pee its slightly better.
Lots of sympathy been there sat on loo for 3 hours in middle of night confused

TheElfOnThePanopticon Wed 19-Dec-12 23:31:56

I went to the doctors today with a kidney infection after speaking to nurse on NHS direct. The nurse told me not to panic if I had blood in my urine, as that is a common symptom, and also that it would probably take a day for the antibiotics to make a difference and that my symptoms might get worse until that point.

ariane5 Thu 20-Dec-12 02:13:46

Spoke to nhs direct
They said that as I saw a doctor on tues (and was given trimethroprim) then again yest aft (and given cefalexin) that I did not need to go to a+e as Iam being treated for the infection and just to take nur/par for the pain.
Blood in urine is common in uti apparently and they told me not to worry too much about it.

Can't sleep as feel ghastly and poor ds2 up screaming running a high temp so I can't even lie down as he's in a complete state.dd2 has been woken up by his crying and is upset (and begging for toast as she's hungry).

OhYouMerryLittleKitten Thu 20-Dec-12 03:09:58

sad I hope you are managing to get some sleep.

ariane5 Thu 20-Dec-12 07:37:10

Barely had any sleep despite being tired, took painkillers and at one point wanted to sleep but ds2 temp really high and he just screamed and screamed. Feel like death this morning still have pain and blood in urine.

Taking ds1 and ds2 to gp this morning so will ask them to see me too if they can.praying the sample results from tues are back x

ariane5 Thu 20-Dec-12 07:38:37

Meant to b fingers x

TheWombat Thu 20-Dec-12 20:53:35

How are you doing now OP? Hope the ABs have kicked in.

ariane5 Fri 21-Dec-12 09:29:48

Feeling a bit better less pain in bladder and when weeing but still have stomach and lower back pain on right side.Nurofen seems to work now whereas it hadn't helped at all till now.

Results back at gp but havnt been looked at yet so they will phone me back I m just anxious to know I've got the right antibiotics.
I hope I never get this again I really thought I was dying (but iam a wimp with no pain threshold!).

BunFagFreddie Fri 21-Dec-12 12:51:46

Kidney infections really knock you for six. Look after yourself and try to get plenty of rest. If you still have symptoms a week after finishing the course, go back to your GP.

But, don't take nurofen! That stuff is terrible for your kidneys. I've had a hell of a time with kidney infections and stones and ended up having to have one of the buggers whipped out. The consutant told me to never take nurofen at all. Paracetamol and Codeine is much safer.

ariane5 Fri 21-Dec-12 13:27:30

Goodness, I had no idea about nurofen I havnt had any for 18 mths as had a stomach ulcer previously but I was so desperate I started taking it again on tuesday.

I have some cocodamol so will take those instead

BunFagFreddie Fri 21-Dec-12 13:33:50

Cocodamol is much safer. My consultant urologist actually told me that he is surprised that nurofen hasn't been completely phased out. He said he has seen the damage it can do and that it is extremely harmful in other ways, he's shocked that it's still available. Same with most other NSAID's.

You can always request something from your GP if you need something stronger. Kidney pain is no joke, a doctor will know this!

ariane5 Fri 21-Dec-12 13:59:26

I was shocked at how quickly it came on and how severe the pain was.I literally couldn't breathe,talk, move it was horrendous.
I'm anxious to get my results back as really want to make sure I'm on correct medicine as I'm terrified of feeling so ill again.
It has really left me feeling dreadful I just want to go to bed for a week I feel drained

BunFagFreddie Fri 21-Dec-12 14:33:34

I can really sympathise. When you tell people you've got a UTI, if they haven't had them, they think you just get burning when you wee. They can make you very poorly and you feel completely rotten. brew

It takes a while to get your energy back. It sounds like you've had a really nasty infection, don't be hard on yourself. Drink loads of water and rest up as much as you can for the next couple of weeks.

ariane5 Fri 21-Dec-12 14:44:54

Just spoke to nurse from gp practice-apparently they don't have my results after all? Funny how this morn they said they def did.oh well.

Will def try to rest if dcs let me!

moonbells Fri 21-Dec-12 15:10:28

I was once hospitalised after a UTI progressed into sepsis. If you suddenly go flushed all over, collapse or start vomiting and shivering, for heaven's sake call 999 and get yourself on intravenous ABs ASAP. I was lucky - was working in a hospital when I fell over so I got shoved in the nearest wheelchair and taken to the assessment unit. So yes, a kidney or bladder infection can be extremely serious.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you - things seem to be going in the right direction.

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