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High oestrogen levels when I was expecting hyperthroidism

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whenwillisleepagain Tue 18-Dec-12 20:13:17

I don't want to make much of what will probably turn out be nothing, but any ideas or similar experiences would be welcome. I'm 45 and had my 2nd child 2.5 years ago, stopped bf in early June and had a light period end of June then nothing till a few end of Oct, with a period that lasted 5.3 weeks - unprecedented in my very lucky life of regular cycles. In the run up to the period I had ocular migraines that I've only had when pregnant or right after I started bf my older child. Crashing headache which meant I had to go and lie down, again unprecedented. Then slight tremor and I've had some weird urinary things going on since I stopped bf. And palpitations. So it all seemed to me like it might be hormonal - saw GP who mentioned thyroid. I googled hyperthyroidism and it sounded just like my range of symptoms.

Today GP rang and said (and I admit I didn't have the presence of mind to ask enough questions because I was about to do school run) thyroid ok, hormone levels that indicate perimenopause ok but oestrogen high. He wants to test again on day 3 of my next period. So could the oestrogen have gone up because it was my first 'real' period since I stopped bf? Does it mean anything at all if the level stays up?

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