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Getting over fluey illness - now got the d word.

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carocaro Thu 13-Dec-12 14:27:25

Fuck know, I was in bed Sat to Tues, unable to do anything, now I am so washed out, I took the children to school and put on some washing but have zero energy to do anything else, my throat is red raw on one side. I feel light headed and am lovely and pale. I have forced myself to eat. I have the opposite problem in the poo department, probably from dehydration. This washed out stage is dreadful. Hope you feel better soon.

nethunsreject Thu 13-Dec-12 13:20:15

As above - wt hell is this? My appetite is fine and no temp/aches or anything. just at the washed out stage, but improving. Now I'm pooing through the eye of a needle!What is this? I used to have IBS - might it be recurrence?

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