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Hair loss. Sudden. But not alopecia.

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chevytruck Tue 11-Dec-12 22:22:34

I have noticed significant hair loss in the last few weeks.
Scary amounts floating in the bath etc...
I don't have large alopecia-type bald patches (my sister has suffered with it a few times in her life).
I've had two children so have experienced pregnancy/post partum hair loss but this is more severe.
Does anyone have any experience/ideas re what might be causing it?
Thanks x

DonkeysInTheStableAtMidnight Wed 12-Dec-12 02:23:37

Disclaimer: I am neither a trichologist, hair care professional nor in any capacity medical.

Amongst my friends I have heard some complain of hair loss following dieting or starting the menopause, I don't know if either would account for your hair loss?

If not, it could be a sign of a physical change within so if I were you I would speak to your GP. They can run blood tests to check for thyroid or anaemia issues. It is not vanity to query it, if it is significant enough for you to notice, it is worth checking out.

Medal Wed 12-Dec-12 08:56:40

I am going through something called telogen effluvium following dieting earlier in the year (been going on for 4 months with me!). If you google it, it is extreme hair shedding 3-4 months following a shock to the system - perhaps being ill, or stress. Could this be the case with you?

Do go to your GP and get your blood levels for ferritin (anemia) and thyroid checked too. Good luck.

digerd Wed 12-Dec-12 13:40:49

The only experience I,ve had with hair thinning, was when my Thyroid became underactive, and years later after my DH died due to grief.
Suggest you have a Thyroid blood test.

VikingLady Wed 12-Dec-12 15:41:47

Are you on any medication, or have you been in the last year? I had this on Roaccutane, but I know other drugs can cause it too. It turned up after I stopped taking it, so maybe worth checking.

bigbelle Wed 12-Dec-12 16:22:20

That happened to me- it was STRESS!! Moving cities, leaving job, cranky husband...I Read 'how to stop worrying and start living' by Dale Carnegie (awesome) & took silica, biotin & viviscal capsules and tried to relax more. My hair came back. Sadly more grey! Again- prob due to stress.

sjumani123 Thu 13-Dec-12 04:27:00

The most common cause of hair loss is a hereditary condition called male-pattern baldness or female-pattern baldness. However it’s still true that some of the causes of hair loss can be triggered or worsened by stress. There is also a possibility that the treatment will not work, and there is no way of predicting who will get results from the treatment and who will not.
Health information

Trichologist Fri 14-Dec-12 09:54:47

I can confirm I am a qualified trichologist and have read your problem and viewed the comments/answers.
Firstly I would like to say that before you go and try and make a self diagnosis, you should go to your GP to discuss your problem rather than fishing for answers on the internet. No one can give you an answer because all your details (gender, age, problems etc) need to be thoroughly discussed.
From what you are complaining about, you could have a hormone problem, a thyroid problem, low iron or numerous other problems I could list.

Just because someone on here says they used a product and it worked, does not mean it will work for you. If you have already been to your GP and have been told there is nothing wrong with you, then the most likely cause is low iron. Now when I say this I do not mean that you are suffering from Anemia. When a GP takes a blood test for iron, if the results are less than say 10mmol/l or somewhere around there, then you are Anemic. If you are above that, then you will be told you are OK. Unfortunately for a lot of women, they will get diffuse hair loss if their reading is below 80mmol/l, but unfortunately most GPs do not know this or do not read all the published papers on hair loss.

In my opinion, the best over the counter product to treat this is Florisene. If you search for this on the internet you will find the manufacturers details and how it treats diffuse feamale hair loss. If you haven't been to your GP, then I suggest you go as soon as possible.

bigbelle Sat 15-Dec-12 09:03:29

I looked florisene- not many ingredients, but hey, if you say it's good maybe I'll try some. My hair's getting thin agian but maybe as it's winter?

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