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Tooth pain and severe sensitivity after filling

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ConfusedPixie Tue 11-Dec-12 21:40:12

Is this normal? I had one of my molars filled six weeks ago. It didn't really settle, was sensitive to hot/cold and would ache on occasion randomly. The past few days though it's been hyper sensitive, constantly achy, I can't eat without pain and it randomly spikes with pain too.

I really haven't got the cash to go to the dentist again right now (though would borrow from Mum if I really have too, which might happen tomorrow) and it would take two weeks to have an appointment booked anyway, I thought that it would settle after a few weeks but it hasn't sad

Has anybody else had this? Will I need it refilled? Removed? Will it settle itself? I'm on the verge of tears being honest, it's so painful. I really don't have the money for it to be refilled or removed, and being honest I don't ant to go back to the same dentist now either but he's the only one near me and came highly recommended sad

ViperInTheManger Tue 11-Dec-12 21:42:52

It doesn't sound as if it is going to settle on its own and that level of pain is not normal so I think you might need to go back. Having said that I am not a dentist.

FanjoTimeMammariesAndWine Tue 11-Dec-12 21:45:37

Getting worse is a bad sign..fillings can be sensitive for a while but this should gradually settle. It coukd be that the pulp of the tooth is inflamed.It doesn't mean you need extraction. .a root filing might work. But do get seen as you dont want to end up with severe toothache and an infection.

It doesn't mean the dentist has erred, it just sometimes happens especially with a deep filling.

Go and see him as soon as possible.

FanjoTimeMammariesAndWine Tue 11-Dec-12 21:46:04

I am not a dentist but work for one.

FanjoTimeMammariesAndWine Tue 11-Dec-12 21:47:36

I mean a root filling (root canal) not root filing.

Allalonenow Tue 11-Dec-12 21:52:17

Sounds as though your filling could be just a bit high. Go back and ask the dentist to check it for you, he should be pleased to do this for you and there will not be a charge.
It should just need a slight adjustment, if you are an NHS patient and in pain you should get an immediate appointment, nor should you be charged again.
The dentist may suggest removing the filling and dressing the tooth, to give it a chance to recover prior to refilling, again as an NHS patient there should be no charge for this.

ConfusedPixie Tue 11-Dec-12 22:17:56

Thank you for the reassurance, especially on the cost side of things. The pain is bad enough but the idea of living with it because I can't afford to get it fixed is worse. I'll go tomorrow afternoon and see if I can catch him between patients or something.

smearedinfood Wed 12-Dec-12 20:30:36

Sounds like a possible infection under the filling I'd go back..

mushroom3 Thu 13-Dec-12 11:11:29

It sounds like the nerve is dying, especially if it is hot sensitive. The pain might go away, but you'll need a root canal, otherwise you could get a nasty infection.

ConfusedPixie Thu 13-Dec-12 23:08:31

I went back yesterday when I had a moment and the mean dentist gave it a whack tap, I'm not sure why but it bloody hurt, and from that decided it was probably infected and prescribed me Amoxycillin. I think he tapped it for the pure amusement of hearing my embarrassingly high pitched squeal.

Today it has barely hurt at all, but then I have been topping up with painkillers all day as I wouldn't survive eight hours at work without them!

So it is all sorted, thanks again for the reassurance, it's not as drastic as I was imagining blush Hopefully this course of amoxycillin will cure it!

FanjoTimeMammariesAndWine Thu 13-Dec-12 23:11:08

You need to get tooth root filled now though or infection will keep recurring. Sorry to be bearer of bad news sad

ConfusedPixie Fri 14-Dec-12 08:24:23

Oh sad Can I pretend I never saw your post? that doesn't sound great! Thanks for informing me, I'll go back to him once the antibiotics have been run through and find out what's next.

FanjoTimeMammariesAndWine Fri 14-Dec-12 08:31:16

It is just like a filling really. smile glad you are out of pain now

ConfusedPixieThinksSheIsAnElf Fri 21-Dec-12 09:51:23

Just posting again to ask if I would have to pay for an emergency dentist appointment to get another load of Amoxycillin? It ran out Wednesday and the pain has been gradually going so I thought it had worked, but I have woken up this morning in pain again sad I am working until god knows what time tonight and heading back home to Essex on Sunday, so haven't got a chance of seeing my dentist. Can I get a prescription from a normal doctor?

mushroom3 Fri 21-Dec-12 11:05:49

Confused, you should be able to get a prescription from your GP, I'd ask for a course lasting 2 weeks. You'll also need to book an appointment with the dentist though, so that after the Xmas break, you can have the tooth root filled, as the infection won't clear permanently.

ConfusedPixieThinksSheIsAnElf Sat 22-Dec-12 09:04:11

Would any doctor give it to me? Doctor refused to talk to DP about it yesterday (he went to ask if the doctor would prescribe it or if OOH would as I wouldn't be able to see normal docs). I've asked my Mum if any of the local doctors will be open Monday but apparently all are shut so she's telling me to go to the casualty service on Sunday when I get home as these days they double up as the OOH in my hometown, the situation of doctors is even more dire in DPs hometown which is where we'll actually be going.

Appointment with the dentist will be booked ASAP after New Years! I knew I wouldn't be able to have it done until then anyway but didn't expect it to not fade after the first batch of antibiotics!

NightFallsFast Sat 22-Dec-12 09:10:33

GPs are advised not to treat dental problems as they are not trained in dental problems, therefore you could get the wrong treatment and make the problem worse. The Dentist you previously saw may be able to advise over the phone or go to dental casualty or phone NHS direct for your nearest emergency dentist.

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