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Weird Ears

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MarathonMama Mon 10-Dec-12 09:30:49

No, it's more inside the ear - it's hard to pop the ear and when/ if it does pop it squeaks. Also, certain noises or frequencies sound really echoey and make my ear feel like it's vibrating inside.

It's so annoying, I just wish someone could help.

Lozislovely Sun 09-Dec-12 23:19:59

Do you mean waxy sticky? I've had tinnitus for years and find my ears are prone to more wax than most.

MarathonMama Sun 09-Dec-12 18:43:02

Can anyone help with this one?

Since last new year I've had a problem with my ears. It started with tinnitus in one ear which I think came as a result of a cold. Since then, intermittently (every other week ish) my ears have felt sticky. The tinnitus also returns (albeit mildly). It stays for a few days and then goes again but is really annoying when I've got it. Usually the back of my throat/ roof of my mouth also feels inflammed (but not where you'd usually get a sore throat).

I've seen 3 GPs who can't see anything wrong with my ears or ear drums. Can anyone help? It's driving me insane!

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