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Bone marrow biopsy test

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neriberi Mon 10-Dec-12 16:10:49

I had one of these back in March, I had it under a local and was in and out of hospital really quickly. However I was grateful that someone came with me because I wad extremely sore afterwards and spent the rest of the day sitting bolt upright, but then I had the full biopsy / aspiration thing done.

I was told not to get the area where I had the biopsy wet for a couple of days and to keep the dressing clean because of the risk of infection, some people can bleed after the procedure, thankfully I didn't bleed but I do have a scar where they poked me. Its also worth avoiding clothing like jeans for a couple of days because the area can be a tad tender afterwards.

careergirl Sun 09-Dec-12 15:36:59


RedRosie Sun 09-Dec-12 14:48:09

Hi careergirl. My DH has had a couple of these, and its exactly as Goldenjubilee10 says above. The site they use may be a little sore, but it shouldn't be painful.

I hope you feel better soon and get some positive news - results take a little while, for us about ten days.

Make sure someone goes with you if you can. Its nice to have some company and a second pair of ears to take in any information.

careergirl Sun 09-Dec-12 14:10:59

thanks that's helpful! Think i'll be ok with it - I've had surgery before choosing regional anaesthetic over general and I coped ok with that so think I will get through this ok.

Goldenjubilee10 Sun 09-Dec-12 08:17:38

It takes about 15 mins to do. You lie on your side and the sample is taken from the bone at the back of your hip. It can be taken from other places but this is most usual. You will be given an injection of local anaesthetic beforehand and we offer gas and air if required. Most people don't need it. Two different samples are often taken.

Many people say they don't feel much at all. Occasionally it can be quite sore. IMHO the more anxious patients find it more painful.

You can get up straight away, you don't have to lie down afterwards and from a physical point if view you could go straight back to work but might feel a bit shaky with the worry of the whole thing (I would, but I'm a worrier).

You might feel a bit bruised once the numbness wears off and can take a couple of paracetamol.

Hope all goes well smile

careergirl Sat 08-Dec-12 20:53:16

we think we know why my white blood cell count is low (medication) but I think they want to eradicate anything else. No point getting myself in a tailspin over it.

Bunbaker Sat 08-Dec-12 19:31:34

DD had one done in the summer, but she had a bone biospy at the same time so she was given a GA. Fortunately the results were fine. I hope they don't find anything nasty.

careergirl Sat 08-Dec-12 15:45:42

thanks! I'll plan on taking a day off for it then.

MrsShrek3 Sat 08-Dec-12 01:41:20

ffs I've been auto-incorrected. D.H. is what i said wink

MrsShrek3 Sat 08-Dec-12 01:40:31

DHAKA had it recently. he felt bruised at the site for a few days, and had the afternoon of the test resting.
good luck x

giraffesCantFlyLikeReindeer Sat 08-Dec-12 01:07:37

I think you have a lie down for a while after or you can get bad headaches, I would plan to be off work for the day.

careergirl Fri 07-Dec-12 23:12:40

I am due to see a haematologist due to low white blood cell counts and have been advised the above test may be done. Not particularly worried about it but just wondered if anyone else had had one done? Did you take the day off work to have it done or can you go to work afterwards for example? Are they very painful or do-able?

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