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Please help diagnose DH

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foreversunny Thu 06-Dec-12 12:14:16

Will keep this as brief as possible.

Any feedback is very much greatly received.

DH has been having problems with his stomach area for apx 2 years now.

Rewind 2 years....he was getting bloating, feeling full, pain in abdomen, loss of appetite and nausea (nausea mainly in the morning).

Went to the GP several times, was given several different types of medication but nothing helped. After 6 months, he was finally given a blood test and he tested positive to H pylori, which was then treated.

The H Pylori symptoms mainly cleared but the fullness feeling and pain continued.

The last 18 months he's visited the GP so many times (14+). He's been prescribed so many different types of medication (including medication for IBS), but nothing has improved.

Last month he was given an endoscopy (after pushing himself for a referral) which showed up nothing. His stomach all looked normal.

Bowl wise, all is normal. No diarrhea, no constipation, no blood/mucous etc.

He passes stools regularly, however, he does feel an urgency to go. Once he feels the "urge" to poo, he has to go swiftly iyswim.

He also finds is hard to pass wind. He's always been able to pass wind fine but the last 2 years he just can't pass wind very well at all. I think as a result, he has trapped wind pain, fullness, bloating etc.

After a full meal, it seems to take him a very, very long time to feel normal again. For example, if he has a large, cooked dinner at 3pm, by 6-7pm he'll still feel very, very "full."

He's generally tired and exhausted (but works long hours so understandable).

There's no pattern to the pain. It comes and goes through out the day. It doesn't ease or get worse after/before food. It's very much random.

Yesterday was a particularly bad day where as today, he feels it's much better.

He's a lovely husband and a wonderful father, our DC absolutely dote on him but this ongoing problem is making him utterly miserable. He's irritable, cross and fed up. He's been suffering every single day for 2 years now.

I suffer terribly with anxiety and I'm worried it's something awful sad

Please can someone help. I feel desperate.

CheeseandPickledOnion Fri 07-Dec-12 16:23:52

Crohn's maybe?

lisad123 Fri 07-Dec-12 16:41:29

Has he still got his gall bladder? Had mine removed and caused no end of trouble with acid control and had alot of symptoms your dh has

foreversunny Thu 13-Dec-12 12:59:03

Sorry only now replying.

We've thought about it still being H Pylori Theala but DH says the symptoms are not the ones he had when he had the original H Pylori. Despite it being in the same area, he feels this is quite different. Defiantly worth mentioning to the Dr though.

We've looked into Crohn's CheeseandPickledOnion and DH feels the symptoms don't seem to match.

Yes he's still got his gall bladder lisad123, he's never really been ill before in his life tbh other than the usual cough/cold etc.

He also has a pretty much constant stitch on his left side (although it sometimes goes over the the right side, its mainly on his left). He also gets lower back pain occasionally too.

digerd Thu 13-Dec-12 16:52:13

Surprised he had only the gastric endoscopy and not the bowel one. They need to rule out any bowel problems in the large intestine and colon. Or be given a baruim meal test

foreversunny Fri 14-Dec-12 09:25:10

OK, will look down taking that route and suggest it to the Dr.

Afsana1 Fri 14-Dec-12 10:31:11

Hi had my scan today and it's gallstones and quite a lot of them. I'm happy that I know what it is. Hope you get the answers you need smile

foreversunny Fri 14-Dec-12 12:42:14

Thank you so much for keeping me posted Afsana1. I'm glad you've got some answers, must be a relief for you! Whats the next step for you now?

I'm hoping DH will have a similar outcome.

The thought of pancreatic cancer/liver cancer is slowly killing me!

Anxious much, moi? blush

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