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Chemo advice please (carboplatin and paclitaxel/Taxol) & anyone doing ICON 8 trial?

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Incapinka Wed 05-Dec-12 12:23:07

In November my beloved DM was diagnosed with Primary Peritoneal Cancer (PPC) which is a rare form and is treated as though it is Ovarian Cancer. This has turned all of our worlds upside and she was initially told that the average life expectancy would be 2 years. This was especially shocking as she thought (with the benefit of hindsight) that she might have already had it for a year. Her oncologist has said that in actual fact she may only have 3 months shock if it is an aggressive sort, or she may have 3 years or could still be here in 10 years. Basically they dont know and wont know until we see how she and those B*****d cells react to the chemo. This will start on Friday. We have just armed her with an iPad and i was wondering whether anyone could offer any advice to make the whole process a little more bearable. Any thoughts, ideas, supplements, anything in fact would be brilliant.

Also she may be taking part in the ICON 8 trial as the hospital is seeking suitable candidates. Is anyone else here taking part of know of anyone?

Thanks so much for reading and my sympathies are with everyone who is touched by this horrid disease.


digerd Wed 05-Dec-12 13:35:17

So sorry to hear about your DM. Cancer is an evil disease. I have lost 2 family members one at 45 and my DH aged 58. Have not heard of this rare form your DM has, nor the trials you mention.
Just wanted to send you my sympathy, and hope that your DM will be cured.

Incapinka Wed 05-Dec-12 20:00:21

Thanks so much for your response and so sorry that this horrid disease has affected you. I am trying to keep as positive and strong as I can for her and my family but I am so scared we will lose her. She is such a special person and I so hope she makes it. Bastard disease. Thoughts are with everyone.

Sabriel Wed 05-Dec-12 22:55:11

I found that during the whole period I had chemo I lost all my concentration. I love reading but I couldn't manage to even read short stories. Same with puzzles, crosswords - anything that requires even a small amount of concentration.

Food wise the oddest things hurt your mouth. I very stupidly ate a bag of crisps immediately after my first treatment - big mistake! There is a company that make food especially for people having chemo but I can't for the life of me remember what it is called.

I haven't heard of this particular trial but I am on a trial myself. I was told that you have a much better prognosis as part of a trial because you are monitored more closely. I don't know how much difference that would make in your MIL's case but it is certainly worth considering.

I would say just take your cues from what your MIL wants. The thing I found most frustrating was the family getting upset and looking to me to comfort them. My mum also seemed to make it all about her, and her shock that her DD had cancer, rather than actually realise it was about me. Not saying you are doing this at all, but please do bear it in mind.

Hope Friday goes OK for her.

MumOfStan Thu 06-Dec-12 05:26:14

So sorry you're going through this. My dad is on one of these awful journeys too and due to start chemo soon. I don't have any chemo advice as it is all new to me too, but just wanted to say hang on in there, and there are unfortunately a few of us on here dealing with the sadness and worry you're feeling so you're never alone. We also got Dad an Ipad which has to date been brilliant for him....

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