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Have I been misdiagnosed with scabies?

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snowtunesgirl Mon 03-Dec-12 13:25:46

Went to doc today as I have itchy spots on my hands and feet. I'm convinced that I have Dyshidrosis and the medical student agreed that initially saw me agreed.

However, when the doc came in, he suggested that it might be scabies. Now no-one else in the family has these itchy spots and I have none of the spots which correlates to scabies!

He's given me the permethrin treatment and I've put it on as I'm at home today recovering with a virus that's not related and am washing everything but does anyone else think that I've probably not got scabies?

jennycrofter Mon 03-Dec-12 13:29:33

I honestly wouldn't know, but DD2 was diagnosed with scabies by a paediatrician we were seeing for something else. We steamed the whole house, ruined soft toys forever, covered ourselves top to toe in the gunk, then when it didn't go away went to the GP, who diagnosed a virus. It was gone in a couple of weeks. angry. The photos I found online for scabies were pretty consistent, but nothing like what DD2 had. Between the fingers was a common starting point I think.

snowtunesgirl Mon 03-Dec-12 13:32:39

That's the thing, I have NO spots or rash between my fingers. I have spots on my fingers and my palms and on my feet which matches Dyshidrosis and not scabies. confused

How annoying Jenny.

gremlindolphin Mon 03-Dec-12 14:26:07

Same thing happened with my dd jennycrofter although a friend who had contracted scabies will abroad confirmed that what dd had looked nothing like what she had and I didn't get as far as steaming everything!

Skin conditions are definitely a weak point of GP diagnosis I think.

Good luck snowtunesgirl!


snowtunesgirl Thu 06-Dec-12 00:37:03

Aha! I think I know what it is! I think I have hand, foot and mouth. sad The blisters on my foot now match those of HFM and I have a ton of mouth ulcers now too. But at least I think I know what I'm dealing with!

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