Anyone had child investigated for GLUE EAR and it all be ok???

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HellyBelly Fri 07-Apr-06 14:31:43

Ds (just turned 3) has been to Audiology this morning for a follow up hearing test due to concerns I've had. His hearing is fine (although selective at times like it can be with toddlers ) but I was concerned as when we went in Jan, they told us to come back in 3 months for another check as certain things they wanted to see if improved.

Been back today and they've now referred him to Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist and a hearing assessment. On the form I have for today it says this:

Mild/Moderate hearing loss in left ear
Evidence of Middle Ear Effusion in left ear
Evidence of Eustachian Tube dysfunction (rb)

When we went in Jan I asked what sort of things they are looking out for and he said it's nothing to worry about but they do certain checks to make sure he doesn't have Glue Ear. After today's visit, I had a look at my childrens medical book under Glue Ear (as being referred) and some of this sounds like what's on this form.

I'm hoping it's not Glue Ear as I don't like the sound of what they have to do to treat it. Should I be worried or could it be something totally different?

Just wondering if anyone else's child has been referred for something similar and if so, what was the outcome???


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crazydazy Fri 07-Apr-06 14:40:23

My DS was also referred to ENT as he kept getting constant colds and coughs and his speech wasn't very good so they wanted to make sure his hearing was okay. His hearing was fine but they decided to remove his tonsils and adenoids as they believed this would help with the congestion and could in turn improve his speech. When he actually went for the operation I was told he would be checked for glue ear and it would be done at the same time as his tonsils/adenoids, it sounded to me like a straightforward procedure but anyway with DS they found he didn't have glue ear and also would not need grommets.

His speech has improved but still gets very congested and has had a cold for 3 weeks now!!! He was only 2 when he had his tonsils removed and it was not a nice thing to put a child through at that age, he was quite poorly afterwards.

HellyBelly Fri 07-Apr-06 14:48:38

Poor love. It's the thought of my baby having to have an operation and possible cut into eardrum etc. that I don't like although your ds went through lots worse I had grommits at 5 yrs old and I'm just paranoid about his ears I suppose. My ds doesn't have any speech problems but he does have constant colds and whenever the Dr's have checked his ears (I ask everytime we go, no matter what we go for), the Dr has said they are pink and inflamed. Even when he's just had a course of Amoxicillin. This makes me think the anti-biotics are just a waste of time.

Suppose I'll just have to wait and see.

How long ago was this for you? How is ds now?

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crazydazy Fri 07-Apr-06 14:55:08

Well he's almost 4 now and he had the operation when he was 2. He was in a lot of pain afterwards and his throat was very sore, I was quite regretful that I agreed to let him have his tonsils removed because he didn't get tonsillitis but they were very large but it just seemed like he was put through a lot of uneccessary pain. I hated seeing him like that.

I don't think he has benefited really in having it done but its done now.

crazydazy Fri 07-Apr-06 14:55:59

Hellybelly - forgot to add DS's ears are still always inflamed and he still keeps getting ear infections too, he has had 2 this winter!!!

HellyBelly Fri 07-Apr-06 15:07:43

Your poor ds, not nice to feel he went through that for nothing

Hopefully my ds's ears will be fine and it's just a case of paranoid mother syndrome , it's just that he's had 2 or 3 ear infections in the 3 months between seeing them in Jan and seeing them again today! And even when he's been on anti-biotics, it's still not clear. Oh well, will wait for the letter to come through saying when his appointment is!

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HenniPenni Fri 07-Apr-06 15:09:03

Helly, have you thought about cutting out and replacing dairy products with non-dairy products? This is a tried and tested method as it is thought that glue ear/congestion is not helped by dairy products.

My DD3 has grommets fitted for glue ear and also has allergies and when they eventually come out this is the road we will be going down as I don't want her to have grommets again (they have however spoken about hearing aids).

Her speech improved rapidly after the grommits where fitted.


HellyBelly Fri 07-Apr-06 15:14:49

OMG, could that be the cause . I have no experience with this and didn't have a clue about the diary thing but he does drink a lot of milk (more than he needs but it doesn't affect his food intake so I've never been bothered - brought up thinking milk was good). I always give him small chunk of cheese with his lunch.

What could I do to change his diet to help? Apart from reduce milk intake of course! (or alternatives????)

Cheers mate

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HenniPenni Fri 07-Apr-06 15:18:26

Glad to help Helly, you could change the dairy products to soya milk products and see if that helps, look at alternative calcium rich sources such as sardines etc.

Got to go to school, back soon with more ideas.

HellyBelly Fri 07-Apr-06 15:23:00

Great thanks

School??? Isn't it Easter break?! I'm not even childminding today as the baby I should have was taken to hospital last night

Bye for now

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HellyBelly Fri 07-Apr-06 15:26:24

BTW, something funny for you - as ds would never take the anti-biotics for his ear infections, the Dr and Pharmacist suggested I put it in his milk so he can't taste it. So when I was trying to reduce his milk intake, I was suddenly giving him it 3 times a day to make sure he got his medicine!! Silly eh!

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Yorkiegirl Fri 07-Apr-06 15:33:17

Message withdrawn

HellyBelly Fri 07-Apr-06 15:36:11

As said before, I had grommets when I was 5 but mine was for build up of wax.

Let me know when you get your appointment through so I can keep my fingers crossed for you! I'm hoping I'm over worrying with ds (rather look silly for that than not worry and then have to see him go through an op!)

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Yorkiegirl Fri 07-Apr-06 15:40:15

Message withdrawn

KBear Fri 07-Apr-06 15:40:48

Hellybelly - WOW - spooky....

DS (4) was diagnosed with glue ear 6 weeks ago. I originally took him to gp because he is very nasal and has a lot of catarrh and always needs a tissue.

He also snores and struggles a bit with eating as he can't breathe through his nose very well.

Anyway, got referred to ENT. He said it's glue ear and that DS is probably quite deaf. I was shocked at this as he has shown no signs of deafness, ie he hears when we speak to him even from a different room, he doesn't need the tv loud, his teachers at pre-school haven't noticed anything etc. The ENT put him on Trim....something, an antibiotic, for 6 weeks.

In the meantime we have also taken him to a cranial osteopath (who is wonderful and I have everything faith in him).

Went back to hearing test and meeting with ENT last night.

The glue ear in his left ear has gone, his right ear is improving and his hearing is absolutely fine.

I was soooo happy I can't tell you.

So, my advice is to check out a cranial osteopath and see if that helps before going down the surgery route. Also I am going to try to cut dairy out of his diet and see if that helps his catarrh.

Feel free to CAT me if you want to chat about it. I'm in SE London/Kent so if you're near and want a recommendation for a cranial osteo, let me know.

HellyBelly Fri 07-Apr-06 16:18:09

Yorkiegirl - it is but I don't like the sound of a cut to ear drum and just the whole thing about him being put to sleep so young. It's fine though, don't let me scare you - I've had it done and afterwards I wouldn't even have noticed (just quite sick recovering from anaesthetic). Just me and being over-protective!!

Kbear - I can't CAT as they now charge but I'm on MSN in case you are?

I'm in Reading so not that near you but my friend has just been so may ask for recommendation from her!

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KBear Fri 07-Apr-06 16:22:33

How do I find you on MSN? [MSN Newbie emoticon]

foxinsocks Fri 07-Apr-06 16:25:42

we are going on Monday to see the ENT consultant about dd's ears

I think a lot of her problems are due to a massive build-up of wax. They can't even see in her ears there's so much in there so I'm hoping they can sort that out first.

Helly, has someone had a good look in his ears (GP?)?

HellyBelly Fri 07-Apr-06 16:25:45

my a/c is helencorbett @ boltblue dot com

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HellyBelly Fri 07-Apr-06 16:27:11

He's had 2 45 mins assessments at the Audiology unit at the hospital. Today was the 2nd and they are referring him due to pressure in ear. Don't think it's a wax problem - that's what I had!

Good luck with DD's appointment!

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foxinsocks Fri 07-Apr-06 16:30:54


don't forget to ask how long the referral will take - I was amazed how long the waiting lists are for paediatric ENTs

Hope he is ok - I also hate the thought of the operation

HellyBelly Fri 07-Apr-06 16:33:32

I asked if I would be on a long waiting list and he said no, should hear within a month. Fingers crossed though!!

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HellyBelly Fri 07-Apr-06 16:34:40

p.s. had my op when I was 5 and remember them coming out and guess what - I still have the grommets all these years later, they are stuck to a piece of paper

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foxinsocks Fri 07-Apr-06 16:35:29

oh good, perhaps because you're already in the hospital system

(our GP wrote in his referral letter that although dd's hearing loss was quite severe, he thought it was a trivial matter and actually apologised for referring us!!! - I was furious and I'm convinced that's why we seemed to be put to the bottom of the queue!)

foxinsocks Fri 07-Apr-06 16:35:55


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