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I've been diagnosed with adult onset asthma.

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akaemmafrost Tue 27-Nov-12 18:52:18

Can anyone talk to me about it please?

I have an inhaler now, got to go back to GP for test results but she's pretty sure it's asthma.

I feel a rattle and wheeze whenever I breathe out. I feel okish in myself but am too scared to run or swim now in case I have an attack sad. Is it normal to feel this a lot of the time? Also wake up coughing at around 4 am most nights.

Just want to know what to expect really. Also feel like there is a tickle/itch in my upper chest nearly ALL THE TIME. Is this normal?

Thanks for any info.

akaemmafrost Tue 27-Nov-12 18:53:48

Oh and she thinks it's allergy based, am coughing up a lot of clear mucous as well. Thanks again.

Olympicrock Tue 27-Nov-12 18:54:40

It is if you aren't controlled, but don't worry that it will be like this forever as once you get the right balance of preventative medication, you go go back to leading a 'normal' life. I have had it for 32 years, and with careful management and being aware of my triggers I do everything I want to!

maisiejoe123 Tue 27-Nov-12 18:57:02

I had asthma from the age of 40. Its a matter of finding the right combination of drugs to control it but it is never affected my life but you MUST take the inhalers as directed. If you miss even one dose you will feel it. Just have the inhalers next to your toothbrush and you wont forgot.

And dont keep listening to your breathing... it will drive you mad. Try an inhaler, if no good just keep going back until you find the correct one!

JustFabulous Tue 27-Nov-12 18:59:22

I was diagnosed with asthma at 19 as a direct result of moving in with smokers. It was pretty scary at times but 21 years later I am fine most of the time though still in denial about having it. I have only had one serious attack and that was last year.

Write down all the questions you think of between now and seeing the doctor so you can get the answers you need.

Good luck.

akaemmafrost Tue 27-Nov-12 18:59:45

Well I am reassured already smile thanks because I HAVE been listening to my breathing constantly. Good to know that's normal. Actually quite often especially when out and about I don't have any issues at all. Can go for three or four days feeling normal then suddenly wake up hacking and wheezing all over the place, going back to the doctors this week so sure we will discuss medication and a plan then.

putthehamsterbackinitscage Tue 27-Nov-12 20:16:52

Have a read of asthma uk website before you to back to gp .... It'll give you some extra info and probably a lot more questions to ask wink

Asthma is an individual condition .... No 2 people are exactly the same and its about trying to understand your own needs, symptoms etc and learning to manage your health and meds to carry on living your life the way you want .....

For the majority of people, it should be possible to get it completely under control.... But that may take a bit of trial and error withheld to find the right solution for you

I developed asthma aged 33 ish and gave had a few interesting spells of adjusting meds etc - I don't gave typical symptoms and attacks but if I don't take the right mix of meds or get exposed to nasty virus/cold/flu then symptoms flare up and it can take weeks to get back under control.....

Coughing and night waking are major symptoms and you'll probably realise there are others too once you read up .... Eg tiredness - unable to keep up with usual activities...... It can creep up over a few days or weeks too so you can get to a fairly bad state before you acknowledge there a problem blush

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