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Smear confusion, CIN 3, please please help. So scared.

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LegArmpits Mon 26-Nov-12 10:40:41

Please help, apologies if this is long.

I had a smear test, results August 2011 were abnormal. Was only mild changes so waited a year (my choice) then went to colposcopy in September 2012. Consultant couldn't see any area that needed biopsy so just took another smear. I've today received a letter saying abnormalities were present in smear and I would need treatment.

So I phoned and they were reassuring but have terrified me further. Apparently the new smear is CIN 3, so rather than doing a biopsy they will just treat me with LLETZ. I have to wait until the end of January for this as I can't make the end of December appointment.

I'm just terrified. I could cry. I'm level headed usually but due to a bad experience in my twenties, it's my one big fear and I just think I'm going to go to pieces.

Am 38 with three beautiful young children. No symptoms.
Please please hold my hand. Please.

digerd Tue 27-Nov-12 19:21:20

Thanks Bela
I thought in 20 years procedures would have changed for the better.
Apparently, I have an awful scar that healed wonky - german doc looking down his nose at it 3 years later. I have not been able to find why my cervix was all black when called back to the clinic. After the first biopsy, I had a letter stating that the whole of the rim was full of displasia grade 4, and that a bed had been booked for me in the next few days for the cone biopsy, to have it removed and take further biopsies to see how far it had progressed. It was also called Carcinoma In Situ, on my records at GPs.

BelaLug0si Tue 27-Nov-12 20:18:01

Well the LLETZ is arguably better than the cone was/is. It can be done in outpatients, with local anaesthetic and home a short while later.

The black could be due to the use of silver nitrate which is sometimes used to stop bleeding (chemical cauterisation), it makes the skin look black or blue.
Carcinoma in situ is the equivalent of CIN3 now - the terminology has changed quite a bit since 1992. In 1996 national guidelines were introduced standardisation across the NHS.

digerd Tue 27-Nov-12 20:45:47

I was in a large ward, and was the only one having that op, most of the other women had hysterectomies.

The black cervix was discovered before I had the ops, and the clinic nurse said it needed quaterizing. It was 18 months after my last smear when they informed me that they had found abnormal cells and to make an appt to see them urgently.

It never returned and I never worried about it doing so.
My daughter was worried as once she had an abnormal smear, but had a repeat one after 6 months and the cells were back to normal.

rmidd84 Sun 28-Jul-13 19:51:40

Hi was wondering if anyone could offer advice and or support, im 29 and have had problems for years with bleedingvand pains, in 2003 I had my first smear which showed abnormal changes I didnt have another one til 2008 which also came backvabnormal so had to have 6mthly smears until april this yr wen I said I would like further tests so I had a colcoscopy wen I got there they said I had severe changes and high risk hpv which I dnt no wot that means neways had the colcoscopy which was extremelypainful and made me bleed for 5 days she said it looked ok n if anything wudvinly show cin1 wel I got a follow up appointment were the doc sais something showed up quite serious which needs immediate treatment he didnt say what until I asked and he said cin3 ivjus got my letter through saying I have to have lletzvand I just dnt understand whats going on and what happens nowand does this mean I have cancer? I also have lots of pain and bleeding with smears plz help

holidayseeker Sun 28-Jul-13 22:23:03

rmidd84 no it does not mean you have cancer it means that you have pre-cancerous cells which if left could possibly turn into cancer but often takes many years.

The lletz will be similar to the colposcopy but at the part when they are looking through microscope they will also cut away at the abnormal cells to remove them. I have had this treatment twice, the first time I had quite a large amount of cells removed and afterwards I did feel sore like I had given birth and had a discharge for a few weeks afterwards. The second time I only had a small amount removed and I had no pain at all so I guess it all depends on the size of the area that is treated to how you will feel.

This is common so please do not worry even though I know that is easier for me to say. The high risk hpv is a virus that around 85% of the population get however most people fight it off however those who don't are the ones who have these abnormal cells If you are high risk then I think it will mean that they will just maybe be more cautious with your treatment but once you have had the lletz then once the abnormal cells are removed hopefully your body will then fight off the hpv.

rmidd84 Sun 28-Jul-13 22:44:37

Thankyou that sounds less scary the doc who I saw was not very helpful there was no explanation or leaflets given to me so I was just confused and scared thanks again x

AppleYumYum Sun 28-Jul-13 23:03:25

I have had CIN 3 twice. Many pap smears and many colposcopies and biopsies in my time. First time 2005 and I had a wire loop excision, it was done under a local and I walked over to the large reclining chair in my gown, the local made my heart race and legs shake, but the procedure didn't hurt at all, she cut a coin sized piece out. It was just me and my gynaecologist and maybe a nurse.

Then a few years later I had another CIN 3 result, this time I had some sort of laser procedure as the area was smaller. I was offered a general if I liked but said a local would be fine as last time it was no big deal. It was very different, I had to be prepared and transferred onto a trolley with a hairnet on, wheeled up a corridor and transferred on to the table, there seemed to be about 15 people in what was more like an operating room. I think all the people in the room and the fuss being put on a trolley and even being offered a general made what was really nothing feel scary.

Anyway, am rambling, just wanted to say I've had clear smears ever since. It is a very slow thing to develop, hence 3 yearly smears are standard. I know once you know you just want it dealt with and out, but not much will change in a few months though the prolonged worry isn't nice hmm.

I have my own thoughts that stopping taking the pill not long after the second CIN 3 for me made my lining stronger to fight it off, I'd been taking all sorts of Yasmin style pills etc due to acne and had had bleeding after sex, a very thin lining and cervical erosion. Chin up, it will be fine, it's all booked in and will be sorted out, and you know how quickly Christmas always comes around. And stay away from google.

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