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DH Face flushing, choking feeling, bloodshot eyes passing in 30 mins...

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MousyMouse Mon 26-Nov-12 13:47:55

allergie? sound like (food) allergies

fatcuntroller Mon 26-Nov-12 13:46:12

My first thought was an allergy of some kind too. Does it always last the same length of time?

sherbetpips Mon 26-Nov-12 12:49:49

Have they tested him for allergies? Does he get any rashes? Any swelling of the lips? Some but not all of the symptoms sound like anaphylactic shock?

Tamashii Mon 26-Nov-12 10:25:50

DH has started to get sudden onset of the following:
Face starts to flush and he feels his throat tightening.
Face goes slowly redder from neck up to top of head over a few minutes and the choking sensation or feeling of constriction in his neck increases.
He feels his jugular vein throbbing and pulsating through his head.
His eyes bulge slightly and go bloodshot.

This always seems to be in the late afternoon/early evening and he has noticed it starting after a meal now.

He has cut out coffee and has taken his blood pressure during/after an episode and it is normal. He has been monitored for high BP at the GP's and it seemed to fluctuate but nothing out of the ordinary. They didn't seem concerned about the above symptoms (?) but told him to "come back if it is bothering you" and DH is a typical bloke who NEVER goes to the GP unless it is unavoidable...

Someone advised that it could be his thyroid so to ask for a blood test to get his thyroid checked.

Anyone have any idea? I am worried it is his heart or something but he says he has no problems with his heart or the usual numb/tingling arm etc. I don't know.

Help please?

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