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easter egg hunt - how can I keep it from turning into a choco fest?

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milquetoast Thu 06-Apr-06 11:46:01

My visiting relatives want an easter egg hunt for their kids (6 and 20 mo). Fine, but I haven't given my 20 mo old choc yet and really didn't ever intend to. Yesterday I bought fluffy ducks and less eastery gifts, spent way too much to make up for fact I don't intend to do a lot of chocolate. I don't really want to do any chocolate but feel pressured into it already. Any suggestions?

hulababy Thu 06-Apr-06 11:47:37

Could you give each child a colour to hunt for, and somehow label each item with these colours? Then you can make sure there is no chocolate in your child's hunt.

starlover Thu 06-Apr-06 11:49:55

how about buying some little plastic eggs and using those, and then they get ONE chocolate egg at the end, when they've found all the plastic ones

KBear Thu 06-Apr-06 11:50:51

If the others are eating chocolate it's going to be pretty hard not to let your child see it. Prepare for a riot.

sandyballs Thu 06-Apr-06 11:51:14

Easter with no chocolate .
What is wrong with chocolate, in moderation of course?

iota Thu 06-Apr-06 11:51:24

I think someone - maybe SoupDragon has an easter chick hunt using those little fluffy chicks

milquetoast Thu 06-Apr-06 11:53:20

Do you think their older child will be disappointed by not getting enough chocolate, or rather should I worry about whether he is disappointed? Those both sound like good suggestions.

oliveoil Thu 06-Apr-06 11:54:03

my 2 (now 20 months and 3.5 yrs) always get tons of eggs and are thrilled with them all. THEN mummy hides them away until they have forgotten about them and greedy mummy eats it.

Best ones are the metal bucket ones which have marshmallow sweets and little eggs, they think they have lots, are allowed one egg and then the rest are taken away.

Bit mean NOT to give eggs imo.

KBear Thu 06-Apr-06 11:54:08

I see OP's point in not wanting her child to have any choc BUT I think it's not a great idea to let the other kids have choc and not her own child. Can you explain that to the rellies?

I LOVE CHOCOLATE but didn't let my kids have it until they were over 1. Personal choice. Incidentally DD is now a complete chocaholic like me and DS isn't too fussed about it.

oliveoil Thu 06-Apr-06 11:55:02

I have told relatives to get books or toys, usually have lots in shops with bunnies on etc.

starlover Thu 06-Apr-06 11:55:33

you know what? easter isn't about getting chocolate!

it isn't the be all and end all.

do easter YOUR way.. and if that means a non-chocolate huint then that's that. I am sure they'll have plenty when they get home.

it won't hurt any of them to ONLY have one egg

hulababy Thu 06-Apr-06 11:55:33

Baker Ross have some paper and plastic eggs on their website.

I would personally provide some chocolate for their children, if that is what they normally have. Chocolate is not bad in moderation after all. And I suspect the older one would be expecting some chocolate. I like the idea of having the hunt not chocolate based, but they got the choccolate egg as a prize for completing the rest of the hunt.

starlover Thu 06-Apr-06 11:55:36

you know what? easter isn't about getting chocolate!

it isn't the be all and end all.

do easter YOUR way.. and if that means a non-chocolate huint then that's that. I am sure they'll have plenty when they get home.

it won't hurt any of them to ONLY have one egg

milquetoast Thu 06-Apr-06 12:01:33

What's wrong with chocolate - well, it's sugary and bad for the teeth, provides no nutrition, is unnecessary, creates a taste for sweet and empty calorie food, dulls the appetite. Also, I don't like the commercial aspects of it either. Especially those Disney-linked products and the general idea of it being such a delightful sin. Aren't I the scrooge of easter. Actually I don't think choc should be banned, I just don't like it to be a big thing. So far she doesn't even know what it is and she is perfectly happy that way. Why start it now. She has years ahead to learn about junk food.

motherinferior Thu 06-Apr-06 12:02:42

Salve your conscience - go and get a big bag of Divine fair traded mini-eggs.

hulababy Thu 06-Apr-06 12:03:54

That's fair enough and your decision. But I personally wouldn't impose it on the other family, of they are expecting some, only suggesting one, Easter egg. I also would be careful how you phrase it to them too - could make it sound like they don't care about their children's diet. etc if said in wrong way!

oliveoil Thu 06-Apr-06 12:05:30

you could come across as a judgemental spoilsport. In my humble opinion of course.

starlover Thu 06-Apr-06 12:06:37

but they're going to milquetoasts house!

would you go to someone elses house and ask for an easter egg hunt and expect them to change the way they bring their child up for the sake of yours getting a load of crappy food?

sandyballs Thu 06-Apr-06 12:08:39

I think you're doing exactly the opposite of what you are intending tbh - you are making chocolate into a big thing by excluding it completely.

hulababy Thu 06-Apr-06 12:08:42

I suppose it depends on who they are. If it is family who are close I think it is different. If you don't want to buy chocolate - ask the relatives to provide this instead, stating that you don't do chocolate yet.

misdee Thu 06-Apr-06 12:18:07

what about painted eggs? then a prize for finding them? doesnt have to be chocolate at all. i loathe the way my kids gets piles and piles of eggs from relatives. they really dont need one from each each uncle, each grandparent, great grandparents etc. one year dd1 had 11 eggs!! i did dcoff most of them

milquetoast Thu 06-Apr-06 12:24:36

My decision: it will be non-edible eggs, chicks, ducks, bunnies, etc. with no apologies. I bought the older boy a spiderman drawing set and really nice soft toys for the little ones. I might wrap some of these things in fun paper and ribbons. I am going to make some hot cross buns for tea. Surely they can have a good time with this. Sounds fun to me anyway!

starlover Thu 06-Apr-06 12:26:23

i bet they'll have a lovely time!

BudaBabe Thu 06-Apr-06 12:54:59

Have to agree that by NOT having chocolate you are making a bigger thing of it than need be. the 6 year old WILL expect chocolate. It is lovely that you have bought some other things but I would get a small amount of chocolate as well. It doesn't have to be much.

I have bought very small choc eggs for my niece and nephews (who will expect chocolate!) who I will see but have bought books as well for them.

PS good quality chocolate has iron in it! And calcium!!! (Just trying to justify my habit here BTW!)

oliveoil Thu 06-Apr-06 12:59:11

i agree with Sandyballs in that if you ban something, they want it more.

Both mine couldn't really care less, they see chocolate/crips/sweets as just another food group and never kick off in shops whining for stuff when they see it.

dd1 actually eats half a biscuit and gives me the other half 'for later mummy'.

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